Custom Work Shirts for Summer

Treat your employees this summer by gifting them branded work shirts. Besides making your employees happy, branded work apparel can benefit your company in several ways.

Benefits of Branded Work Shirts

Employees appreciate and enjoy custom work shirts more when they are durable, comfortable, and easy to maintain. The best way to customize work apparel is to embroider your brand logo or name on it. Besides making your team look and feel good, such personalized clothing is good for business for the following reasons:

Improved Brand Recognition

Putting your brand name on work shirts and putting those shirts on your employees turns your staff into walking ads for your company. The shirts will bring your brand to the attention of people everywhere your team wears the shirts, leading to increased brand awareness. Also, it will boost brand recognition as more people become familiar with your logo and name.

Professional Appearance

Professional-looking employees make your company look professional. Customers are more open to doing business with brands that look professional and reliable. You can make your team look more professional by dressing them in matching branded work shirts.

Team Unity and Identity

Dressing your team in matching apparel can make employees feel like part of a team. Boosting team unity can increase worker morale, which can increase productivity. Also, matching branded work shirts will make your team easily identifiable within and outside the office. Having easily identifiable employees can strengthen your brand identity among customers.

Cost-Effective Advertising

As we’ve stated, putting branded work apparel on employees turns them into moving ads. Promoting your brand with such shirts is far cheaper than advertising with billboards, posters, TV, or online ads. It’s also more effective because the ad will reach new people everywhere your employees go. The more attractive the shirt, the more attention it will garner.

Why Invest in Embroidered Shirts in the Summer

Summer brings beautiful weather, but it can also get quite hot. Keep your employees comfortable at work by providing them with custom embroidered summer clothing that will make them look and feel good. Also, working in summer wears clothes out faster. Giving employees branded work shirts will help them avoid the cost and hassle of replacing work clothes.

Types of Branded Work Shirts

Several summer shirt styles are available for workers, and below are our favorite branded work shirts.

Embroidered Polo Shirts

Polo shirts make excellent work shirts in places of business where formal clothing isn’t a must, such as businesses that hire blue-collar workers. If you are a white-collar business, you can provide staff with polo shirts for work trips, conferences, and other events that permit business casual dressing.

Some of our favorite polos for branded work shirts are:

  • Port Authority Pique Knit Polo Shirt: If you want a comfortable and stylish polo shirt that comes in an exceptional range of colors, you can’t go wrong with this Port Authority shirt. The shirt’s ring-spun cotton fabric also keeps it shrink-resistant and durable.
  • Port Authority Stain-Resistant Polo Shirt: Make your employees' lives easier by giving them this stain-resistant shirt. Besides being stain-resistant and easy to clean, the shirt is wrinkle-resistant to keep employees looking smart.
  • Port Authority Dry Zone Grid Polo: This polo is perfect for hot days because its fabric wicks sweat and dries quickly. The shirt is also odor-resistant to keep employees smelling fresh while working hard.
  • Port Authority Dry Zone UV Micro-Mesh Polo: This unisex polo shirt is the way to go if your team mostly works outdoors. Its UPF 30-rated fabric will protect your team from harmful sun rays, while its moisture-wicking technology prevents unsightly sweat spots.
  • Port Authority Core Classic Pique Polo: Dress your team in this polo and save money without compromising quality. Also, you can get this 60/40 cotton/poly pique shirt in exciting colors like green, red, and Carolina blue.

Embroidered T-Shirts

T-shirts make suitable work shirts if you have an informal workplace. You can also dress employees in custom embroidered t-shirts if your work involves lots of physical activity. These employees must wash their work clothing frequently, and tees are easier to clean.

Some of our favorite tees for branded work shirts are:

  • Next Level Unisex Sueded Crew: The shirt’s suede-like fabric has a pleasant texture, and you can customize it by embroidering your brand logo on the chest.
  • Gildan Heavy Cotton 100% Cotton T-Shirt: Don’t let its affordability deceive you. This shirt features a high-quality cotton fabric that can keep your workers cool and comfortable during summer work days.
  • Jerzees Dri-Power 50/50 T-Shirt: Besides being cute, this t-shirt features a semi-technical fabric that dries quickly to prevent sweat spots. It also drapes nicely to deliver a sharp fit.
  • Comfort Colors Heavyweight Ring Spun Tee: Since this tee comes in 10+ colors, you won’t have trouble finding one that represents your brand. Even better, the fabric is fade-resistant.
  • Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirt: This durable, heavyweight t-shirt hugs the body in all the right places to deliver a comfortable and attractive fit.

Embroidered Sweatshirts and Hoodies

We recommend giving your employees embroidered sweatshirts or hoodies if you are in Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, or any other state that stays cool in summer. Sweatshirts are also a good choice if your work environment stays chilly, such as a cold storage warehouse or meat processing plant.

Our favorite sweatshirts and hoodies for branded work shirts include:

Choosing the Right Branded Work Shirt

You don’t want to give your team branded work shirts that make them look unprofessional or out of place among their colleagues. Select the right branded uniform for your team by doing the following:

  • Knowing Your Industry: Understanding your industry will provide insights into appropriate clothing for your team. For instance, if other teams within your niche wear dress shirts, wearing t-shirts may make your team appear less serious or competent.
  • Selecting the Right Fabric: Picking apparel made from the right fabric is key to ensuring your team’s comfort. You want a fabric that is soft, breathable, and comfortable. The fabric should also be durable so the shirt will serve your team for a long time.
  • Choosing the Right Fit and Style: Oversized or undersized shirts won’t look good on your team. Get shirts in appropriate sizes so your team will look sharp.
  • Sourcing Reliable Vendors: Don’t order branded work shirts from just anyone. Get your team’s work apparel from vendors with a track record of delivering reliable quality.

At Thread Logic, we have over two decades of experience delivering top-shelf branded work shirts to companies in various industries. We offer options for different budgets and deliver to customers all over the U.S. Check out our customer reviews and contact us to discuss your customized work apparel needs.


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