Five Reasons Why Custom Apparel is Good for Business

With all the ups and downs in the business world, finding ways to create a solid path to consistent success can be a difficult task. Strategies to both build and keep an audience can take some serious time and creativity to build. Luckily, there are a few tried and true methods that can improve your business in all areas. 

One important factor that can help improve your business is custom apparel. Not only is customized apparel a great option to give your loyal consumer base a little part of your brand to take home, it can be an excellent sales driver too. Think of the most well known brands in the world; what do they all have in common? The most successful businesses have all managed to build a loyal consumer base and constantly attract new customers through brand recognition. So how can you implement these strategies for your own business?

Let’s dive into a few of the most common questions that tend to pop up when we think about custom apparel. 

What are promotion products?

Promotional products are typically defined as products that are branded with a specific logo. These items are typically distributed at a small cost or even for free and are used to promote a business, brand, or a specific event. If you’ve ever received a swag bag after attending an event, you have probably come across promotional products. 

Promotional apparel is a sub category of promotional products, the only difference being that apparel is something you can wear such as a t-shirt, a wristband, or a drawstring bag. Custom apparel provides utility to the customer while working as an effective tool to increase brand recognition amongst a general audience. 

Does promotional apparel work?

The simplest answer to this question goes a little something like this: absolutely. According to recent studies, around eighty five percent of customers do business with the company they have received a promotional product from. While numbers like these tell a pretty clear story on their own, a number of behavioral factors from the general public also contribute to the success of promotional apparel. 

Because promotional apparel provides an item of utility to a consumer, people will tend to use it, therefore creating brand visibility to themselves and others. Sometimes these products end up passing through a few different hands, creating the potential to reach new customers. These factors along with many others contribute to the overwhelming success of promotional apparel. 

Next, we'll dive into a few specific reasons why promotional apparel works and may be the perfect next step to create more visibility and improve your business. 

Why promotional apparel works

There are a number of reasons why promotional apparel is an effective tool for business. From building a consumer base to creating long lasting relationships with customers, promotional apparel can help on every step of your journey. Let’s break down some of the top reasons why promotional apparel works.

Cost effective marketing

Cost is always an important factor to consider when you’re mapping out your marketing strategy. Maximizing each dollar in your budget is a priority to keep in mind as you build up your business. Cost effectiveness is a great benefit to promotional apparel. Promotional apparel can be created for very reasonable rates with companies like Thread Logic. From customized t-shirts to smaller products like lanyards, embroidered logos add an extra edge to your business without spending down your marketing budget. 

Brand recognition

One of the most important points that contributes to the effectiveness of custom promotional apparel is brand recognition. The principle is fairly simple, the more your logo, and therefore your brand, is out there in the world, the higher your likelihood is to attract and retain new customers. People tend to favor things that are familiar to them, so seeing a brand they have come to recognize will increase the likelihood that more and more people will flock to your business. 

Increased exposure

A similar principle to brand recognition, brand exposure is another important benefit to promotional apparel. Exposure is the name of the game when it comes to attracting new faces to your business. A simple scenario would work something like this. A customer receives a promotional apparel item. They like the item and decide to wear it to a party. Other people are intrigued by the logo and ask about it. Bam, you have a whole new set of people interested in your business from one simple piece of promotional apparel. 

Customer loyalty even after the engagement ends

Customer loyalty is another important part in the process of building up a client base. Promotional materials are designed for multiple uses. When someone acquires something like a new shirt, odds are that it will be used multiple times. This long lasting relationship translates to customer loyalty. The longer your brand is a part of the customer’s life in some way, the longer the relationship between your brand and the customer lasts. 

People like them! Long shelf life vs pens, calendars, etc

The last reason is perhaps the most simple: people just like having useful items around! Something like a calendar or pen is an item that can be used over and over again and provide value to the customer. You want to make sure you’re always improving your customer’s life in some way and promotional apparel can absolutely do the trick. 

Find your next embroidered apparel piece for your company with Thread Logic

Now that we’ve gone over some of the top reasons why promotional apparel is a great way to improve your business, how can you get started finding the perfect apparel for your team? Thread Logic has all your needs covered with a wide variety of high quality apparel options, individualized logo embroidery, and a quick and simple ordering process.

Simply find the items you would like to customize, upload your logo to the Thread Logic website, and check out. You’ll receive proof of purchase within two to three business days. After that, all you have to do is sit back and wait about ten business days for your customized promotional apparel to arrive. With this simple process, taking your business to the next level is only a few short clicks away!

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