Why You Should Be Investing In Trade Show Shirts

Trade shows are a busy event, with many people interacting with vendors all over the place. The main goal at any trade show is to get noticed, and be memorable enough for people to contact you afterwards. 

The first thing people will notice about your brand is obviously, your display - banners, tents, graphics, and signs ready to promote your business. And the second thing they notice? The people standing behind the desk. For your first and second impressions, you want to make sure you have a strong presence, and that includes a team uniform.

Why Is Trade Show Attire Important?

Trade show uniforms are an important part of the trade show experience. Clothes make a huge impact on how your staff is perceived, and their appearance is a direct reflection on the company they work for. A professional and brand-appropriate trade show uniform makes a lasting impression and helps brand recall after the show is over.

The Top Five Reasons Why You Should Invest in Logo and Branded Shirts for Events

  1. Branded and co-ordinated trade show shirts are professional

Coordinated trade show shirts show off your business’ professionalism. Coordinated branded attire is a way to increase the trust between your representatives and your prospective clients. Companies that put in the extra mile with their logo apparel look like they’re serious about their business and their customer support.

  1. Branded shirts that have your logo embroidered are memorable for those visiting your display

Clearly branded team apparel and uniforms that are high quality create a lasting impression to help improve your brand’s memorability. People will remember your logo before they remember your website link - it’s just a fact! Branded apparel helps increase brand recognition for the long haul.

  1. You coordinate your message with your booth - with help from MODdisplays

Branded shirts and branded booths go hand in hand! A coordinated experience from your whole booth - people included - provides a sense of stability and creates a cohesive brand experience for people visiting your booth. By coordinating your booth or logo with your apparel for this trade show, your whole message will be elevated. Work with the awesome team at MODdisplays for a conference booth set up or design that will ring true to your brand.

  1. Branded shirts are awesome for motivating and driving the team success

Nothing says teamwork like matching branded shirts! Branded shirts not only set you apart from the competition, they build a sense of community in your own team. They show the trade show team they’re an essential part of the business and encourage them to work together for success.

  1. You can give out branded shirts and apparel for the ultimate staying power

You may make a great impression on your potential customers when you’re at the booth and selling your products, but the ultimate staying power comes from giving out branded merch. With discounted merchandise in bulk, it can be easy for team members to not only wear the merch, but give it away too. This ensures that whoever holds your shirt remembers your brand every time they put it on.

Types of Trade Show Dress Codes

There are multiple types of trade show dress codes. We’re breaking them down into 3 main types, and demonstrating the value of each.

Business formal

Business formal trade show attire is one of the rarest forms - but they do exist! This dress code is more suited to an after party or a smaller conference type event. In this case, people should be wearing good shoes and blazers, with men expected to wear a suit and tie, and women expected to wear attire that is understated and professional.

Business professional

Business professional attire is more common for conferences and workshop events. You’ll see some business professional attire on the trade show floor with dress shirts, no blazers, conservative pants and shoes.

Business casual

Business casual is the most common trade show attire and you know it when you see it! This is your classic polo and slacks combo - chinos, khakis, dress pants, or a simple skirt are all acceptable! These are the most common attire for trade shows because they’re the easiest to have your logo on. Most business embroiderers will embroider your logo onto any piece of business casual attire you can think of.

What Are Some Options For Trade Show Shirts?

With all that in mind, there are many types of shirts that you could wear to a trade show to make a great impression, and there are others that are perfect for swag bags and other events. Thread Logic provides a selection of polos and tees for any event and have no minimum embroidery, for events of any size.

Trade Show Polos

Trade show polos are the standard trade show attire - with multiple colors and styles, these classic shirts fit anybody, big or small. 

Port Authority Dry Zone Grid Polo

Trade Show Dress Shirts

Embroidered dress shirts are a great staple trade show shirt because they can be dressed up or down depending on the event. Add a tie or take off a jacket to suit the occasion, and still represent your brand.

Port Authority Carefree Poplin Shirt

Embroidered Trade Show Tees

Tees are the PERFECT giveaway item! Less costly than other shirts, logo embroidered t-shirts are great to give away to potential customers and sent to current ones. There’s no limit to what you can embroider, and creating a branded experience is essential when giving away tees. Embroidered t-shirts with your logo also work great for more casual trade shows, so you can bring an air of professionalism to the conference.

Port & Company Core Blend Tee

Trade Show Jackets

Embroidered Jackets may not be the first thing you think of when you think “trade shows”, but in winter you never know when they’ll be useful! By having an embroidered brand jacket that you can wear on top of your branded jacket, you ensure full visibility of your brand logo and never miss a beat of impression time!

Port Authority Value Fleece Jacket

Why coordinate your whole booth?

Coordinating your whole booth with the power of branded, embroidered apparel is the only way to ensure that your brand has the visibility it deserves and create the first impressions you know you’re capable of. When deciding on your booth design, be sure to check out Thread Logic for bulk embroidered apparel that works great for any size team for any function.

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