Company stores are a great way to place group orders for your whole team, where each member can choose the company-branded merchandise they want!

Let’s face it, placing large group orders for a number of employees can be a hassle.  A company store can take the hassle out of it for you and keep your employees looking great in custom logo embroidered apparel.

Logo embroidery company store

What is a Company Store?

A company store is an easy-to-use custom ecommerce platform that is branded with your logo and customizable to carry only the products you want to offer to employees or your group.

Best of all, a company store saves you and your staff time from the arduous task of figuring out what everybody wants, their sizes, collecting orders, chasing down payments and sorting orders for distribution.

It’s the most efficient way to do group orders.

Benefits of a Company Store

  • You decide which products and colors you want to offer.
  • Hands off ordering and payment collection.
  • Easy distribution. Each order is labeled with the employee’s name so all you have to is hand it out. No having to figure out who got what!
  • No embarrassing conversations about sizes.
  • Employees can order just what they want in the size they need when they are ready.

The most successful stores…

  • Are open for set amount of time. We recommend 2 weeks at a time
  • Reopen at different times of the year to reflect the season
  • Provide employees some incentive to purchase company products (can be in the form of a discount or gift cards)

The Details

Who is paying for the items?

Many companies provide employees with some incentive to get logo embroidered apparel.  That can be in the form of a store discount taken at checkout or a gift card.

In the case of a store discount or gift card, if the employee spends more, they cover the difference.  If the employee spends less, the company is only charged the amount the employee spends.

Where will the orders be shipping?

We can ship everything to one location, multiple locations or to employee homes.

Is there a fee to have the store?

There is no cost to set up a store.  However, we do not offer quantity discounts for stores as that is how we cover the cost to create and manage them.

Continuously open stores

We currently do not have an option for stores that are always open. 

One of the reasons is supply chain issues.  Because our supply chain can change so quickly, there is no way for us to keep that information up to date on a store.

How long can store be open?

We find it best for stores to be open between one and two weeks.  That gives employees time to make their selections while not making others wait to get their order.

In addition, we can assure there is sufficient inventory of the products you want to offer.

Limit on products

Stores are limited to 30 different products or SKU numbers.  You can choose what colors you want to offer.

How long does it take?

Once we receive the list of products you want to offer, a new store can be open in a matter of a few days.

Who qualifies for a store?

Companies or groups who can guarantee at least $3000 in orders each time the store is open.  A fee of $350 will be imposed if the minimum is not met.

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