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The sun is out, the temperature is up, and people are starting to gather outdoors. Summer is officially here! Now that we’re in the sunniest season of the year, it can be a great time to maximize the benefits of the season to improve your business. 

Promotional items that are specific to summer can be a great way to increase exposure, build brand awareness, and obtain customer loyalty. If you’d like to learn more about how promotional apparel can improve your brand, check out Five Reasons Why Custom Apparel is Good for Business right here on the Thread Logic blog. 

Let’s take a dive into some of the best promotional items for the season of summer! 

Custom Tees for Outdoor Summer Activities

There are few things more classic than the tee shirt. From hikes to barbecues, everyone needs a good tee shirt as a part of their summer wardrobe. Tee shirts are easy to customize, with an excellent opportunity to incorporate your brand into the daily life of your customers. Tee shirts are versatile, which is another important asset to your promotional materials. Shirts are one of the most universal items of clothing, maximizing your chances to boost exposure and brand awareness. Additionally, since tee shirts have so many uses, chances are that your customized tee shirt will be a frequent staple for your customer base and employees. 

Embroidered Polos for any company event

Embroidered polos are a great way to incorporate the utility of the custom promotional tee shirt with a formal twist to suit a new variety of events. Embroidered polos are an excellent choice for parties, outdoor sports, and company events. Embroidered polos provide a clean look for employees and also give consumers a slightly more formal apparel option. Certain events call for apparel such as polos and adding a polo option can be a great advantage.Company events are a great way to drive business and a great way to sustain those gains is the use of a promotional apparel piece such as a custom embroidered polo. 

Custom Totes

Tote bags are an incredibly useful accessory. Whether you’re out shopping, having a beach day, or even taking a walk around the block, a tote bag is the perfect companion for any occasion. Tote bags are a great platform to display your customized logo because they are pieces that one often carries with them, therefore attracting attention. An eye-catching logo that conveys the message of a brand is the perfect tool to add to a tote bag to maximize the amount of eyes on your business. Totes are a great option for an accessory to add to your brand this summer. 

Embroidered Hats

Hats are another great accessory to consider when choosing your apparel pieces for this summer. We’ve all been in need of a good hat. When the sun is out and shining, a customized hat can provide shade and cooling benefits while also incorporating your brand. A hat is another tool that tends to be used multiple times, therefore creating customer loyalty. The more the customer uses a promotional cap, the more they become familiar with your brand. This increased familiarity is a key step to building customer loyalty amongst those that may be new to your brand and business. 

Embroidered Backpacks

Backpacks are an excellent option to consider when choosing an accessory to create a custom embroidery piece this summer. Summers are usually full of day trips, outdoor activities, and get-togethers that all need the perfect bag to go along with. Backpacks are a great option for their utility and quality. An excellent quality item is the best option to attract customers. People tend to want items that are durable and last a long time and backpacks fit that bill perfectly. Backpacks are also used many times for many different purposes. A custom embroidered backpack is a great choice to create a long lasting relationship with your customers while attracting new eyes to your brand every day. 

Find your next embroidered apparel piece for your company with Thread Logic

With all the excellent options for summer apparel available through Thread Logic, it’s never been easier to build your brand this summer. Thread Logic makes finding your next embroidered apparel piece simple and quick with excellent results. Let’s review the process.

Once you arrive at the Thread Logic website, use the simple navigation bar to browse categories and find the items that you feel best suit your brand. Once you’ve chosen your items, simply upload your logo, add your items to the cart, and confirm your purchase. You’ll receive confirmation within two to three days and your custom apparel in about ten business days. 

This summer is for more than rest, relaxation, and fun in the sun. It can also be used to propel your brand to new levels of success with the help of custom promotional accessories.

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