Custom Work Shirts That Are Durable and Will Last

Can the public easily distinguish your staff from other people within your business premises? If not, you could have several customers on your premises confused and frustrated because they can’t figure out who to ask for help. Fortunately, you can easily turn things around by providing your team with custom work shirts.

Several work shirt types are available for businesses in various niches, and if you need help finding the perfect one for your team, you are in the right place. Keep reading to discover your best options for customized team uniforms and why investing in such clothing is great for business.

Why Buy Custom Apparel for Your Work Force?

Letting employees wear whatever they want to work can create a casual, free-spirited, and flexible workplace. However, taking this route may not be your best option if your goal is to create a strong, professional, and easily recognizable brand. If you invest in custom branded apparel for your team, you can look forward to long-term benefits, such as:

  • Unified Sense of Identity: Matching branded workwear can promote unity among employees by helping them feel they are part of a team. When coworkers have a clear sense of identity and feel like a unit, working together becomes easier, leading to better collaboration and productivity.
  • Better Aesthetics: Uniformed employees can make your workplace appear organized, clean, smart, and professional. Since many customers find such an appearance appealing, it can lead to more foot traffic for a business. Also, since branded workwear makes employees appear professional and competent, customers find it easier to approach and trust them.
  • Proper Workplace Mindset: Some psychologists believe that casual dressing leads to a casual attitude in the workplace. On the other hand, employees are more likely to focus on work, follow workplace rules, and be productive when wearing uniforms because the clothing reminds them to stay in work mode.
  • Brand Promotion: Boosting your brand visibility is probably the best reason to dress your employees in custom apparel. Customizing work uniforms with your company name and logo will turn your staff into walking billboards that promote your brand wherever they go. The more attractive your custom work apparel is, the more attention it will generate, leading to more prospective customers discovering your business.

Your company isn’t the only party that stands to benefit from providing employees with custom branded workwear. If your team has uniforms, they don’t have to worry about the hassle and cost of selecting, changing, and buying work-appropriate clothing.

However, you will only get the results mentioned above if you choose the right uniform for your team. Picking the best custom uniform for your team requires considering factors such as comfort, durability, functionality, and aesthetics. For example, custom corporate shirts are ideal if you have mostly white-collar staff. Such apparel will make your team appear professional and dependable before customers.

For a blue-collar team, embroidered t-shirts are an excellent option because they will keep your team comfortable and not get in the way of their work. If you want custom work apparel that offers the best of both worlds, go for polo shirts. The right embroidered polo shirt will offer a casual yet sharp and professional look, making your workers appear approachable yet competent.

What about when it gets cold? Polos, t-shirts, and dress shirts are suitable for warm weather, but your team will need something thicker when cold weather arrives. We recommend providing your team with custom embroidered layering workwear for such seasons.

Our Favorite Custom Work Shirts

Do you need help finding the perfect custom uniform for your team? We’ve simplified your search by compiling here some of the best custom work shirts for different budgets and team types:

Port Authority Dry Zone UV Micro-Mesh Polo

Port Authority Dry Zone UV Micro-Mesh Polo

The Port Authority Dry Zone UV Micro-Mesh Polo is one of the most durable work shirts you can get for your unisex team. The shirt’s durability comes from its 100% polyester double-knit pique material, which is pill and fade-resistant. The shirt also retains its shape well after several washes and wears.

Besides being durable, the Port Authority Dry Zone UV Micro-Mesh Polo is highly comfortable because of its moisture-wicking and breathability. These two features will help keep your team sweat-free and cool on hot days.

Another reason to choose this product is its 30 UPF rating, which offers UV protection while working under the sun. Since several sizes and colors are available, you won’t have trouble getting a perfect fit for all your team members.

Port Authority Dry Zone Grid Polo

Port Authority Dry Zone Grid Polo

The Port Authority Dry Zone Grid Polo is a top seller because it is affordable without compromising quality. The unisex shirt comes in various exciting colors, such as red, orange, blue, green, and yellow, allowing you to pick a color that best matches your brand and embroidery design.

The shirt is light for comfort, and its moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric ensures that your team won’t have to spend work hours drenched in sweat. The fabric is also odor-resistant to keep your team smelling fresh when facing customers. Lastly, since the Port Authority Dry Zone Grid Polo is highly durable, you don’t have to worry about it shrinking, pilling, fading, or losing its shape for a long time.

Clique Spin Pique Polo

Clique Spin Pique Polo

The Clique Spin Pique Polo is another affordable shirt with top scores for quality and comfort. The lightweight shirt feels great on the skin, and even better, it looks smart on men and women, thanks to its close fit.

You can get the shirt in several cool or vibrant colors, and all the colors are fade-resistant. The dense fabric is suitable for different types of embroidery, allowing you to embroider your brand logo on the chest, arm, or any other part of the shirt you choose.

Port Authority Silk Touch Performance Polo

Clique Spin Pique Polo

You cannot go wrong with the Port Authority Silk Touch Performance Polo for your blue-collar workers. The shirt’s PosiCharge® technology prevents snagging, which can help reduce accidents among workers who work with machinery.

More reasons to love this shirt are its affordability, moisture-wicking, and shape and color retention. Lastly, its tag-free label eliminates concerns about wearing a shirt with an itchy collar.

Red Kap Short Sleeve Industrial Work Shirt

Red Kap Short Sleeve Industrial Work Shirt

The Red Kap Short Sleeve Industrial Work Shirt is a highly functional men’s work shirt perfect for blue-collar teams. Its buttoned double breast pockets provide a safe place to store various items, and you get a pencil stall on the left pocket for pens. Also, the shirt's versatility ensures that you can wear it on its own or beneath a suit or jacket.

The 65/35 poly/cotton fabric offers superior comfort in different weather conditions, and the shirt’s Touchtex™ technology ensures color retention and easy cleaning. You can get the Red Kap Short Sleeve Industrial Work Shirt in sizes ranging from small to 4XL and in colors like blue, black, grey, and tan.

Port Authority Ladies Long Sleeve Carefree Poplin Shirt

Port Authority Ladies Long Sleeve Carefree Poplin Shirt

If you want a custom embroidered work shirt for your female workers, we recommend the Port Authority Ladies Long Sleeve Carefree Poplin Shirt. The slimmed button-down shirt accentuates the female figure to deliver a smart fit and professional look.

Also, the long sleeve shirt is lightweight for comfort, and its durable fabric retains color well. Even better, the Port Authority Ladies Long Sleeve Carefree Poplin Shirt features a stain-release finish that makes it very easy to wash out stains. Depending on your brand or custom embroidery design, you can get the shirt in burgundy, blue, black, grey, pink, cream, and other colors.

Port Authority Long Sleeve Easy Care Dress Shirt

Port Authority Long Sleeve Easy Care Dress Shirt

The best durable work shirts require minimal maintenance, and the Port Authority Long Sleeve Easy Care Dress Shirt perfectly fits this description. Besides being durable, the shirt is easy to launder because it releases dirt easily and does not require ironing. Also, unlike other dress shirts, this shirt will stay wrinkle-free throughout the workday, keeping your team looking sharp while on the job.

The shirt comes in various sizes for different body types, and the material can withstand all kinds of stitching for custom embroidered work dress shirts.

Port Authority Short Sleeve Easy Care Shirt

Are long sleeve work shirts unideal for your team? If so, the Port Authority Short Sleeve Easy Care Shirt could be what you need. The low-maintenance button-down, short sleeve shirt features a 55/45 cotton/polyester fabric that is easy to wash and does not require ironing. The buttons are the same color as the fabric for a sleek look, and you can pair the shirt with various pants, including shorts and jeans.

Dress Your Team to Impress with Custom Work Shirts

Embroidery is one of the best ways to customize uniforms because it lasts longer than other customizations and looks more professional. Also, you can fix damaged embroidery and avoid the cost of replacing a uniform if its embroidered logo suffers some damage.

At Thread Logic, you can order any of the shirts listed above and have them custom embroidered according to your specifications. Here are samples of our work, and you can get as many custom work shirts as you need and even get a discount on bulk orders. Get in touch with us today to discuss your custom work apparel needs.

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