Mastering Team Uniforms - How to Uniform Your Team

We live in a world of bright orange vests and shiny gold badges. As work culture has evolved, certain occupations have become recognizable for their use of uniforms. Specific items of clothing have come to differentiate workers in several industries. For decades, a debate about the impact of wearing work uniforms has brewed. Despite varying points of view, we can agree that uniforms, if designed effectively, can create a unified and identifiable presence for a brand in the eyes of the world. 

Benefits and Psychology of Team Uniforms

From hospitals to building sites, the work uniform performs various functions in different environments. Though uniforms are fairly common, the psychology of wearing a uniform at work has been the subject of debate. Do uniforms empower workers or limit them? Several studies and articles have addressed the topic. Some articles have examined how  employees in different industries feel about their uniforms. 

Those who come down on the anti-uniform side often believe that a lack of individual expression is one of the disadvantages of wearing a uniform at work. However, several psychological studies have indicated that wearing a uniform may present more net positives for workers overall.

Many advantages of wearing a uniform at work seem obvious at first. Uniforms create a clean, concise look for employees. Uniforms provide a sense of identity for workers, presenting  them as a part of their respective company. However, uniforms can also provide a more direct benefit to employees: productivity. 

Psychologists have theorized that casual dress at work can be associated with a more casual attitude at work. Uniforms prevent time and money spent on buying new, work appropriate clothing and choosing an outfit to wear every day. Wearing a uniform to work also acts as a great equalizer. Regardless of position, employees are united under one common code of dress. With a uniform, a workplace can function as one unit with a clear identity. 

How to get custom company uniforms

So, how can we go about creating an effective uniform for your team? Team uniforms present the unique opportunity to show the world who you are as a brand. Asking a few key questions can help you highlight the direction to go with your uniform. What parts of your brand’s identity do you want to highlight? What colors represent your brand best? How can you effectively utilize your logo on the uniforms? Answering these questions will help to create an identifiable look for your brand. Brand identity highlights the importance of uniforms at work, a clear visual makes for a clear brand voice. 

Now that you have identified the visual identity of your brand, you can take a look at the more practical aspects of company uniform design. There are many pieces of clothing that can be incorporated into an effective uniform. How can you make wearing a uniform at work simple and fun for your employees? Polo shirts are a popular choice for the foundation of a work uniform for their comfortable yet clean look. It’s also important to consider outside conditions such as weather when putting together a work uniform design. Jackets or pullovers can be a great option for colder months. Adding extra elements such as hats can also add more variety to your uniform design. 

The most important aspect of creating a team uniform is the use of the company logo. The logo is the easiest way to identify a brand and clearly communicate your message. Custom logo embroidery is an excellent way to show off your company’s brand. Thread Logic makes the process simple and effective. You can simply upload your company’s logo to the Thread Logic site, choose the pieces you want to include in your uniform, receive proof of purchase, and wait for your custom uniforms to ship. Thread Logic’s custom logos are an excellent finishing touch to create the best possible uniform for your team.

Thread Logic assists you in finding awesome team uniforms

From productivity to clear identity, the reasons for customizing a uniform at work are many. Check out six additional benefits of wearing a uniform at work here. In a word swimming with different brands and an endless variety of options, a great team uniform can help highlight your individual identity as a company and what makes you special. An effective uniform opens the door to a happier workplace and an accessible brand ready to change the world.

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