6 Reasons to Have Corporate Uniforms

Corporate uniforms are a garment that we often take for granted. When we walk into a store, we expect the workers to be in uniform. When we walk into a restaurant, we expect that the waiters will all be in uniform. But have you ever wondered why? 

Reason 1: Branded Uniforms Make A Brand Statement

Uniforms are a quick and easy way to say, “this is what my brand is”. Sometimes your uniform speaks louder than words. If you are a formal catering business, nothing says professional and service-oriented like a crisp, white, custom embroidered dress shirt

If you’re the owner of a sneaker shop, an athletic pocket polo in your brand colors show that your employees are athletic enough to know what sneakers to recommend. Their athletic top conveys that your employees, and by extension your brand, has both knowledge and authority. What your team wears reflects on your brand. With a uniform, you control that powerful statement, and make sure it mirrors your company’s values.  

Reason 2: Corporate Uniforms Foster Camaraderie

There’s a good reason sports’ teams have matching uniforms. Yes, it’s easier as a fan to spot who’s on what team. But beyond that, the colors they’re wearing symbolize they are part of something. It’s the same reason why fans will then wear the jerseys and sweatshirts with their team’s logo. It makes the fans feel like they are a part of the team too. 

Having a corporate uniform can foster that same feeling of camaraderie. Especially in large companies, where your employees are divided across different departments and even floors. Having a common uniform shows all your employees that no matter their department, they’re all part of the same team. 

Reason 3: Uniforms Help Employees Stand Out

Nothing is more uncomfortable than accidentally mistaking a customer for an employee, or vise versa. Who hasn’t accidentally asked someone in a red shirt where to find detergent? Or asked the person next to you in business casual what features the latest smartphone has. 

With your entire team in uniforms, that awkwardness is a thing of the past. Your customers will know exactly who to ask when they have a question, or need help. Your team will know exactly how many people are working the floor. You’ll also notice right away if someone who isn’t supposed to be there somehow snuck in. Having your employees identifiable is key to a smooth customer experience. 

Reason 4: Branded Uniforms Can Become Merch

There is a long history of branded uniforms becoming merch. Big car and truck companies often have branded coveralls or polos their fans can buy in their merch store. Sports’ teams’ stores are often called “locker room shops”, because fans can actively buy the same merchandise that their favorite players are wearing in the locker room. Meanwhile craft breweries have taken uniform merch back to basics, with all of their employees wearing custom t-shirts from their gift shop. 

It’s a simple time-saving way to scale your merchandise. You don’t need to hire more designers, or start from scratch. Rather, your employees will actually self-promote the merchandise you’re hoping to sell, and all you have to do is upload one logo and sit back and relax. There’s no hassle, because you already have the order set up. Just add a few extra to sell in your store. 

Reason 5: Uniforms Can Protect Workers

Especially in service industries, having uniforms for protection is incredibly important. You don’t want anyone getting injured on a stove, or by cleaning chemicals, because they weren’t wearing proper attire. Having a uniform in place makes sure everyone is getting the same OSHA-standard level of protection. 

Uniforms also protect your employees by identifying them as employees. There have been incidents of racial bias or other forms of discrimination, where employees have been mistaken for burglars in service or sales industries, or even kidnappers in the childcare industry. While it doesn’t fix the base-line problem, ensuring that all your employees have proper work-identification is one step you can take to keep them safe from mis-identification. 

Reason 6: Free Advertising

Uniforms are by far, some of the easiest free advertising you can do. Your employees will wear their uniform to-and-from work, and everywhere in between, advertising your company as they go. It’s not uncommon to see someone wearing an embroidered polo or work jacket on the subway, bus, or even at an after work happy hour. 

Your team takes your logo and spreads it around the city, state, country, or even globally, depending on your workforce. Your employees are walking brand advocates. People pay huge amounts of money to hire brand ambassadors and you can have them for the same cost as just ordering a standard uniform. 

Our Top Selling Embroidered Uniforms

The Business Casual Corporate Uniform

For a business casual look for your company, try our UltraClub Classic Wrinkle Free Oxford. It comes in 7 pastel colors, and 9 sizes from S to 6XL. This polo has the style to promote a sophisticated or intellectual brand, like a realty or insurance agency, a marketing team, or university staff. It makes a statement at the office, at an after-hours happy hour, or at the latest industry conference. 

This polo can be left slightly unbuttoned at the collar, for a more business casual look, or even dressed up with a tie, sportcoat, or blazer to take on more formal environments. Since it’s wrinkle free, you don’t have to worry about taking it on the road. It can stay wrinkle-free packed in a suitcase or backpack, sitting in business class, or jammed on a crowded subway. 

The Warm Thermal Uniform Jacket for Your Team Braving the Elements

Not all uniforms need to match 100% across departments but they do have to be safe. A classy button-up works well for the team members up in the corporate office, but it’s not going to do the job for the team member out delivering packages or making house calls in the middle of winter.  

Our Carhartt Thermal-Lined Duck Active Jacket will keep any team members safe and warm from the elements, while still looking professional and on brand. Like a North Face or Columbia jacket, Carhartt screams quality and endurance. With your supply-chain, grounds crew, or service team sporting this gear, you’ll be providing them the care they need to get their job done. 

The Custom Uniform for Your Brand on the Move

A crisp polo is good for the office, and a tough jacket is good for those braving the elements, but if you have a retail or showroom front, that team needs something they can move and breathe in. We recommend the Port Authority Heathered Silk Touch Performance Polo. This polo can be dressed up or down. With a pair of dress pants, it’s perfect for a sales team that’s running a busy trade show booth. 

With a pair of athletic shorts, your team is ready to sell the latest athletic gear. With some jeans or khakis, your team is ready to greet and assist customers at a general merchandise retailer. Peak versatility, with quality material that can handle whatever the day (or a particularly cranky customer) throws at your team. 


Corporate uniforms are an absolute game changer for companies looking for authority and brand recognition. A custom embroidered uniform gives your organization the flexibility to choose how you want to present yourself and your team. Thread Logic will take your logo and embroider it on the product you need, without any minimums or thread count, so your employees are always looking in tip-top shape. Simply choose your uniform, upload your logo, and sit back while we take care of the rest. 

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