4Imprint vs Vistaprint vs Thread Logic

There's a reason we invest in good company apparel. It's a great way to get your company's name out there and create a sense of community within your team members, employees, and customers - not to mention all the free impressions you'll receive!

If you're looking to deck the team out in some new company swag, knowing where to turn can be the biggest question - especially since different companies specialize in different areas. Knowing what you're looking for and who can offer you the best bang for your buck can help you and your team get exactly what you're envisioning in the most efficient way possible.


Each corporate branded apparel company has its own special niche that they specialize in. 4imprint and Vistaprint specialize in screen printing, a method that uses thick inks to print graphics on top of fabrics (usually shirts). If you're looking for a solid screen printed logo to slap on some company shirts, jackets, or other merchandise, one of these companies may be a good fit.

If you are envisioning a more sophisticated, texturized logo, Thread Logic may be more up your alley. We specialize in embroidery, which is a method that uses a needle to create decorative designs into fabric using threads and different kinds of stitches. Embroidery is a form of art, meaning your company logo will gain a more elevated look stitched into the fabric of your choice.

Differences Between Screen Printing and Embroidery

Screen printing and embroidery are two of the most common ways to display logos and designs on apparel. So what's the difference between the two and how do you decide which method to go with?

While both are viable options, it all comes down to your personal preference and what type of company apparel you are looking for. T-shirts and long sleeves are a great go-to option for screen printing, while jackets, sweatshirts, hats, and bags may be more suited for embroidery.

Of course, you can use either option but where looks and longevity are concerned, embroidery can be that next step up from standard company merch to a favorite closet essential.


Both Thread Logic and 4imprint are moderately priced services with high customizability options, while Vistaprint is a bit higher priced, with more limited customizability.

When considering the pricing between different brands, it's also smart to consider their customizability. Flexibility in customization is so important for getting high-quality custom apparel that speaks to your company's brand image - adding your own logo or design to the apparel can go a long way towards giving it a lasting professional and polished look.

Embroidery vs Screen Printing Costs

Despite contrary beliefs, embroidery is oftentimes a more cost-effective option for your company logo - especially when you go with Thread Logic. If you plan to produce a large number of shirts or want to create a large, multi-colored design on each shirt, screen printing can be an easy way to mass-produce apparel. However, often times quality out rules quantity - with an embroidered emblem, your logo gains a new level of professionalism at an affordable cost for the entire team.


4imprint is a great company that has a variety of brands, with a variety of collateral categories to choose from. The company is focused on offering a wide range of promotional products and specific items for your employees and customers, rather than on print or other marketing materials.

Vistaprint has a smaller variety of apparel to choose from, but this company also includes a wide variety of paper printing and marketing materials to take advantage of.

When it comes down to apparel, Thread Logic is your go-to. With a wide variety of high quality brands at more affordable prices, we're focused on providing you the best apparel to sport your logo and company pride!

Whether it be screen printing or embroidery, choosing to add a design to your custom brand apparel can take your company image to the next level. Wearing custom logo shirts communicates a level of professionalism, trust, and sense of belonging within your company - whether it's a T-shirt, jacket, or hat, your team will be able to take their new go-to garment inside the office or out.

There are benefits to each of these methods, and the more you know about them, the more confident you can be in your decision of your new company apparel.

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