Rewarding Employees On a Budget

If you want your best employees to stick around and stay productive, you need to have a reward system in place. Are you worried that rewarding employees for impressive work will negatively impact your bottom line?

If so, you are in the right place. You are about to discover how to reward employees on a budget so that you can keep your team happy without overspending. Before delving into that, let’s take a quick look at why rewarding remote employees is crucial.

How Are Rewards Important in Engaging Remote Employees

According to a Gallup report, less than 33% of U.S. employees feel they receive adequate recognition or praise for doing good work. The same report revealed that employees who do not receive sufficient recognition for their efforts feel underappreciated and unengaged in the workplace and are twice as likely to quit their job.

Rewarding and recognizing an employee for completing tasks and contributing to the company’s success will help keep that worker motivated. It also shows the worker that they are doing something right and the company values their effort. Such motivation can bring out the best in a worker and drive them to keep doing what they did to earn praise and gratitude from their employer.

Recognizing workers for their efforts also fosters high engagement in the workplace and boosts morale. When morale and engagement are high, your company will notice among workers:

  • Healthy competition
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Stronger loyalty to the organization
  • Safer work environment
  • Heightened problem-solving and creativity
  • Decreased staff turnover

How Do You Reward Employees without a Budget

Recognizing and rewarding employees for doing good work does not have to cost your company a fortune. According to an Achievers report, 92% of employees state that simple recognition for doing a good job will make them more likely to repeat a good performance. You can inexpensively recognize an employee’s efforts by:

  • Writing them a thank-you card, note, or email
  • Mentioning the employee’s performance in the company newsletter or during a staff meeting
  • Arranging a standing ovation for the employee
  • Awarding the employee a framed Employee of the Month photo

However, a pat on the back will only go so far. If you want employees to keep putting in their best effort, you will eventually need to reward them with something tangible. Inexpensive rewards an employee will appreciate include:

  • Free lunch for a day or a week
  • A bonus or incentive pay
  • A prepaid credit card or a gift card for groceries, movies, dinner
  • A paid day off

Better yet, gift your top-performing employees apparel or accessories customized with the company logo. It’s a useful yet inexpensive gift that will continuously remind a worker that the company appreciates their efforts. If you need help selecting low-cost custom apparel for rewarding your employees, we’ve compiled your best options in the next section.

Our Best Selling, Low-Cost Custom Apparel

Port Authority Dry Zone Grid Polo

The Port Authority Dry Zone Grid Polo is among our best-selling apparel for businesses on a budget who want to reward employees. The unisex polo shirt is one of our most affordable but features a high-quality 100% polyester fabric that delivers a comfortable and smart fit. Even better, the fabric’s Dry Zone technology helps the shirt wick moisture and dry quickly to keep the wearer sweat-free and comfortable.

Clique Spin Pique Polo

The Clique Spin Pique Polo is a lightweight shirt made from spin-dye polyester pique. The material is highly durable, retaining its shape and color after several washes. Sizes run slightly smaller to deliver a fitted look, and you can customize the shirt by having your brand name or logo embroidered on the chest, arm, or any other part you like.

Port Authority Snapback Trucker Cap

The Port Authority Snapback Trucker Cap is an excellent gift idea if you have several employees but don’t want to overspend. The affordable hat fits all genders and pairs well with most outfits.

Besides being an attractive hat, the Snapback Trucker Cap is comfortable for all, thanks to its one-size-fits-all design and soft cotton/polyester material. Several colors are available, allowing you to pick the best one for your customization design.

Carhartt Rugged Professional Series Cap

The Carhartt Rugged Professional Series Cap is a mid-profile hat that provides impressive sun protection in summer. Also, the hat’s sweatband features FastDry ® technology that wicks sweat from the forehead and dries quickly to prevent discomfort. Besides being functional, the hat looks stylish.

Comfort Colors Heavyweight Ring-Spun Long Sleeve Tee

The Comfort Colors Heavyweight Ring-Spun Long Sleeve Tee is a good-looking sweatshirt that all your employees will appreciate if gifted. The shirt’s 100% U.S. ring-spun cotton keeps the shirt organic and hypoallergenic. Also, the relaxed fit and tubular design make the shirt a comfortable fit for different body types.

Several color and size options are available, and you don’t have to worry about issues like piling, fading, or shape loss after washing. Another reason to love this shirt is it’s suitable for all seasons. You can comfortably wear it by itself on most days and layer with it when the weather turns cold.

Port & Company Core Blend Tee

The Port & Company Core Blend Tee is a simple, lightweight t-shirt made from 50/50 cotton/polyester. The fabric blend delivers a stretchy and durable shirt that retains color well. You can get the t-shirt in sizes ranging from small to 5XL, and several color options are plentiful. Even though it feels and looks premium, the Port & Company Core Blend Tee is inexpensive.

Make Your Employees Feel Like Valued Team Members

As you can see, you have several options if you are looking for how to reward employees on a budget. The trick is not gifting employees something so cheap and low-quality that they end up disliking it. Instead, buy something attractive and functional yet affordable, like the gift ideas that made our list.

Do you want to save even more money? Shop during sales. At Thread Logic, we offer various customizable apparel and accessories at heavily discounted prices during sales. Since we don’t have minimum orders, you can order as few or as many customized gifts as you want. Contact us today to discuss your custom gift needs.

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