How to Reward Your Top Performers This Holiday Season

Your top-performing employees are workers that go above and beyond to deliver the best results and help your company achieve its goals. Such top performers deserve recognition and rewards for their commitment because they are the driving force behind your company’s success.

If you don’t reward the hard work of your top performers, they may feel unappreciated. Unappreciated workers tend to become less motivated and productive and are more likely to leave a job. Show your top performers you care about the work they did throughout the year by rewarding employees for performance this holiday season.

Do you need help figuring out how to reward employees for a job well done? If so, we’ve compiled some of the best ideas for recognizing and rewarding employees that have done impressive work.

Reward Employees with a Special Event

Make your top performers feel special by arranging a holiday-themed event to honor them. Having an event that celebrates and honors the hard work of an employee will make the celebrated employee feel recognized and appreciated, which can motivate them to keep up their good work.

The event does not have to be expensive or elaborate. If you are on a budget, you can arrange a small event at the company office and have only company leaders and your top-performing employees attend. Alternatively, set up a virtual event to celebrate your top-performing remote workers. Below are examples of special events you can arrange to reward employees for a good performance:

Holiday Party

Christmas parties and other holiday parties are excellent for getting the team together to have a good time and mingle. Kill two birds with one stone by taking time during the party to recognize, thank, and celebrate your top performers for their work. The public show of appreciation will go a long way in making your top performers feel valued.

Employee Award Ceremony

If you want your best workers to feel really special, plan an award ceremony to celebrate them. Rewarding employees for good performance with an award ceremony is one of the highest honors a company can give a worker. You can have awards for different employees who excelled in different fields so that every top employee gets the recognition they deserve.

Company Outings

Another excellent idea for rewarding employees for good performance is setting up a company outing. It could be a grand outing like an all-expense paid trip to a resort or an exclusive restaurant.

Alternatively, keep it inexpensive by arranging a potluck, barbecue, happy hour, or a trip to your local bowling alley. Let invited employees know that the outing is in honor of your top performers, and give shout-outs to the guests of honor during the outing.

Give Public Recognition for a Job Well-Done

A 2019 survey showed that simply saying thank you is enough to make 85% of employees feel satisfied and recognized for their efforts. While privately thanking your top performers for their contributions is enough to make an employee feel recognized, showing the same appreciation in public carries more weight.

Publicly recognize your top performers and make them feel special with these proven ideas for rewarding employees:

Social Media Shout-Outs

Let the world know you have the best employees by celebrating your top performers on social media. The shout-out should have the employee’s name and picture and mention how valuable they are to your organization. However, before posting the shout-out, get each individual’s permission because some of your employees may prefer keeping their professional lives private.

Website Features

Website features are another excellent idea for rewarding employees. It involves posting a banner on your company website's homepage to celebrate the accomplishments of your top performers. Unlike a social media post, only company workers and customers will see the website feature, making it ideal for employees who don’t want social media fame.

Say "Thank You!"

As we've mentioned, a simple thank you is usually enough to appreciate and reward your top performers. It can be a verbal thank you given by a manager in public or private thanks given by the CEO or another company leader in private.

Alternatively, you could send your employee a thank you letter, email, video, or voice note created or signed by one of the company’s leaders. Recognition from a company higher-up will let an employee know that the top brass sees them as valued members of the company. Just imagine a Tesla line manager receiving a personal thank you video from Elon Musk.

Give Holiday Bonuses

A 2019 survey indicated that 65% of employees prefer bonuses based on performance. The statistic proves that rewarding employees for a good performance with a bonus check is a good idea. Your top performers will appreciate the reward because it can help take care of some of the expenses typically faced during the holidays.

However, note that your top performers will only appreciate receiving a bonus check as a reward if the amount gifted is substantial enough. Also, the bonus check should come with a note that states why the employee is getting it and how much the employer appreciates the employee’s work.

Give Out Corporate Gifts

While planning a special event and giving holiday bonuses are all excellent ideas for rewarding your best employees, there is one idea that tops them both – gifting corporate gifts. Corporate presents are gift-worthy items branded or customized with your company logo or name. You can further customize the item by personalizing it with the employee's name.

What counts as a gift-worthy item for a good employee? A corporate gift for rewarding employees for a good performance should be meaningful and add value to the recipient’s life. If you need help finding excellent corporate gifts for your top staff, Thread Logic has plenty of gift options, and below are some of the best ones:

Customized Corporate Apparel

Examples of corporate apparel are dress shirts, polo shirts, and jackets. However, only gift your employees quality corporate apparel that looks and feels good. You can elevate the aesthetics of a corporate apparel gift by having it custom embroidered with your brand name or logo.

One of our best-selling corporate apparel at Thread Logic is the Eddie Bauer Microfleece. It is a soft yet durable microfleece jacket that looks smart and pairs well with most corporate outfits. Find more ideas for corporate apparel gifts here.

Beanies to Stay Warm During the Holidays

If gifting your team jackets or shirts is impossible for any reason, opt for one-size-fits-all apparel like hats and beanies. At Thread Logic, we offer various hat styles for summer and winter. One of our biggest sellers is the Port & Company Knit Cap, which comes in several colors. It is affordable, and you can personalize the hat by having your brand name and logo embroidered into the cuff.

A High-Quality Backpack

Backpacks are another one-size-fits-all corporate gift that you can consider for your top performers. A quality backpack can serve as a work bag, travel bag, or bag for outdoor adventures. The versatility of the gift ensures that whoever receives it will have a use for it. Check out our top-selling backpack – the OGIO Roamer Pack.

Do you need more options? Click here to find more corporate gift ideas.

Rewarding Employees Is a Great Way to Boost Morale This Holiday Season

Your top performers are a unique breed and deserve special attention. A pat on the back or cheap mass-produced company swag won't do. Show your top performers that your company highly values their contribution, and you can do that with a gift that matches the value of the employee’s work.

Thread Logic is the one-stop-shop for custom corporate gifts for rewarding employees who do the most for the company and deliver the best results. We offer several options for holiday gifts and deliver orders to clients all over the U.S. Check out samples of our work and contact us to place an order today.

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