Types of Polo Fabrics

When you want to stay casual but not too dressed down, polo shirts are a great fashion choice. From the country club to a professional trade show, the classic polo is sure to help you make a great impression. Polo shirts are often made from knitted cotton but can also be made in a variety of performance materials like polyester, or even a blend of both! Let’s take a closer look at some common types of polo shirt fabric and the features of each.

What makes a polo different from a t-shirt?  

Polo shirts, like regular t-shirts, are one of the most common types of upper-body clothing that almost everyone owns. However, there is one key difference: their design. Polo shirts have a collar and placket with at least two buttons running down the chest. T-shirts, on the other hand, do not have such a collar.

Types of Polo Fabrics 

There are many different types of polo fabrics, from basics like cotton and polyester to more sophisticated performance materials that wick sweat away and protect from UV rays. Let’s explore some of these popular options and more. 


Traditional cotton polo shirts are soft to the touch, easy to maintain and breathable for warm, summer afternoons on the yacht or at a family picnic. Chances are, you have one or two cotton shirts in your wardrobe at home, as it’s the most common fabric.


If you need material that's going to keep you a little warmer, the polyester and cotton blend provides the comfort of natural cotton with the warmth of the synthetic polyester.


This moisture-wicking fabric is the one of the best options for active people who still need to look presentable – coaches, golf enthusiasts and others will enjoy the sweat protection on top of odor reduction and sun-blocking that comes with this lightweight fabric.

100% Poly

Polyester is a synthetic fabric that provides excellent durability and absorbency. This allows the material to dry faster than other types of fabrics, which reduces the chance of sweat and stains from becoming known.

Types of Polo Knits

Polos come in many different types of knits. Compared to regular woven t-shirts, knitted fabric features looped fibers compared to the grid-like fibers in woven fabric.

Mesh Polo

Mesh-fabric polos are known for their distinctive screen-like weave. Normally made out of 100 percent cotton, and available in long- or short-sleeve styles, the textured look provides a casual, versatile look for all kinds of occasions.

Pique Polo

Created with a dobby loom, pique-knitted polo shirts are generally a more formal option compared to mesh or jersey alternatives. They are characterised by their geometric patterns that draw-in the eye, similar to a twill or corded cotton.

Jersey Polo

The most casual of the bunch is the jersey polo. These offer a streamlined, textureless design that’s more similar to a basic t-shirt. They also happen to be the most affordable, meaning you can bump up your style on a budget.

Interlock Polo

An interlock polo is defined by an interlocking of stitches on a circular-knit machine. It’s a soft, warm and stretchy material that’s warmer than it’s close counterpart, the jersey knit. Thanks to its double knitting, it’s also durable and feels higher quality when touched.

Our Favorite Embroidered Polos

When it comes to our favorite embroidered polos, there are many stylish options that will help you stand out. Branded polos are a great way to show off your company and build an impression among your team, clients, prospective customers and the general public. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite embroidered polo products.

Short-Sleeve Polos

Keep your staff looking sharp and respectable with an embroidered short-sleeve polo. These are an easy choice because they look good on almost anyone and can be worn in a variety of situations. From trade shows to regular days at the office to client meetings, there’s almost no scenario where a short-sleeve polo won’t work. 

Pocket Polos

Style and functionality come together as one with a pocket polo. Not only do you get a great-looking, custom-embroidered shirt, but you also get extra storage for pens, business cards, ID badges and so much more with an added front-chest pocket. They’re great for pitching in the boardroom and talking to prospects at a convention – and everything in between.

Uniform Polos

Make sure you match with these custom embroidered shirts that feature your essential brand elements. Uniform polos come in a variety of fabrics and styles, from short- to long-sleeve. Great for any scenario that calls for a mix of style and comfort, these logo polo shirts are sure to help your team look professional. 


Are you searching for high-quality embroidered polos? Take a look at the many options from Thread Logic. We offer a variety of polo shirt products made from your favorite fabrics, so you can find a customized option that will fit with your brand. Visit our online store today to get started with your order.

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