How To Clean Embroidered Apparel

Laundry day is around the corner which means it’s time to wash your new embroidered apparel. If you’ve never cleaned an embroidered item, Thread Logic is here to help! They will look as good as new once you know the proper care. Here’s a quick overview of how to wash embroidered clothing:

  • Check your embroidery and secure any loose threads before washing.
  • For hand washing, soak the embroidered item in water and a mild detergent for 15-20 minutes, then rinse. It’s okay to spot treat any stains, but avoid scrubbing the embroidery directly.
  • For machine washing, opt for cold water, a mild detergent, and run a delicate cycle. Skip any harsh additives like bleach and brighteners. Turn the embroidered item inside out before washing. We don’t recommend machine washing anything with metal zippers as they can snag the embroidery threads.
  • However you choose to wash your embroidered clothing, always remove from the water and air dry immediately. Tumble drying can cause damage embroidery.

Now that you know the basics, we will dive into more tips and tricks to make sure you know how to treat and care for your garments.


Wash your embroidered apparel with a mild detergent and machine wash it in cold water. Put it on a delicate wash cycle and remove the item right after the cycle is complete. It’s important to never leave embroidered apparel soaking. Immediately take it out of water and don’t put it in a pile with other clothes when it is still wet. Moreover, don’t use brightening agents when you are cleaning your embroidered appearance or use chlorine bleach. If you need to then the best option is to use one that is non-chlorine. When you use bleach it puts the embroidery at risk for getting damaged from its original form.

Hand washing vs machine washing

Hand washing is the most gentle option to clean your embroidered apparel. Use cold water in a clean laundry sink and fully submerge the item. Make sure you don’t twist or be aggressive with the fabric. The key to successful hand washing is moving it around gently in the water. This process is a great way to prevent the dye from bleeding and clear your apparel at the same time. Leave it there for 10 minutes then drain your water. Refill the sink with cold water and repeat the process until there is no more soap. 

If you are machine washing your embroidered clothing it’s best to wash it inside out. This step will prevent it from getting damaged during the wash cycle. Be mindful of other items you are washing in your load. Avoid zippers, other metal items on your clothing and buttons that could get caught on the embroidery when you are doing a load of laundry. 


A mild liquid detergent is best to use on embroidered apparel. This type of detergent will be the most effective and it will leave the least amount of residue on the fabric.

Soak vs Scrub

When you see a stain on your shirt it can be tempting to immediately scrub the stain out, but that’s not the case with embroidery. The key is to be as gentle as possible and soak it. Use a clean sink and press your garments in the water. You can gently swirl the clothing around in the water, but don’t tug on it. Scrubbing can cause damage to the fabric you’re wearing which could potentially damage the embroidery design. When you scrub your clothes it can leave a fuzzy appearance and could ruin some of the threads in the embroidery. 


Now that you’ve washed your item it’s time to dry it before it’s ready to wear. Once it comes out of the washer immediately place your embroidered apparel in the dryer on a normal setting. When you dry your clothes on high heat it can puker the embroidery. If this happens it’s an easy fix that can be undone by ironing. 


If you notice you have a few wrinkles in your shirt before you leave the house, no worries! Start by flipping your clothing inside out so you don’t iron directly on top of the embroidery. Make sure you don’t use a stream or ironing while the apparel is wet to avoid damage. We recommend that you use two pieces of cloth ironing to protect the design. If you follow these steps your clothes, your embroidery and fabric will stay intact and wrinkle free!

Dry Cleaning

You can dry clean embroidered apparel, but it is not recommended. They use harsh chemicals which you should stay away from since it’s a fragile piece. The best option is to clean your clothes at home by hand washing or using a washer. You will be able to prevent damage or the color bleeding with the proper care at home. 

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Embroidered apparel is perfect to wear at work, but it’s important that it’s taken care of properly outside of work as well. You’ll have to take care of your embroidered clothing differently from the other ones in your collection. The key is to be gentle when you are cleaning it and taking more precautions ironing it so the embroidery remains intact. Be mindful of other clothing items if you are using a washing machine so nothing gets caught on the logo. The apparel will look as good as new and you’ll be ready to take on the day at work!

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