Corporate Branded Apparel - Gifting Tips for your Team

There’s a reason why people give gifts. We love to give them and we love to receive them. We’ve even built gift-giving into the structure of our calendar year - whether it be birthdays, Valentine's Day or the winter holidays, we dedicate several days throughout the year to gifting. That’s because giving a gift is one of the best ways to show appreciation and establish a relationship. 

When someone receives a gift, it’s sure to brighten their day. It also shows them that they’re valued and creates positive feelings toward the gift-giver. But what about when it’s a company giving a gift? This is corporate gift-giving and it’s a big part of creating a relationship with employees and potential customers. 

Corporate gifting is a great way to get your company's name out there and create a sense of community with employees and customers alike.

Three Reasons Every Company Should Be Gifting

Great for Team Spirit and Loyalty

Smarp studies show that companies with greater employee appreciation are 21% more profitable. Gifts boost team morale which translates to higher profits and improved work culture.

When you give an employee a piece of quality corporate branded apparel, it establishes a connection between the company and the worker. Employees that feel valued by their workplace will have greater loyalty. 

This is all the more powerful when that value is represented by a physical piece of clothing that they’ll wear. Employees should be able to wear your name or logo with pride, and if they feel that they are representing their company with their clothes it will only strengthen that connection. 

Gets the Brand Name Out There and Helps with Brand Recognition

It’s simple: the more people wearing your apparel, the more eyes on your logo. Brand recognition is an essential part of gaining new clients, customers or users. People will be more attracted to your product if your company seems established. In order for them to feel that way, they need to know who you are — or at least have seen your logo before. 

When your employees or current customers wear your corporate apparel, it gets your brand name out there! Every person who interacts with them or passes them on the street will see your brand name. This may seem small, but if even one hundred people wear a shirt or hat with your logo on it they’ll put a lot of eyes on your brand. More eyes equal greater brand recognition. 

Helps the Team Bond

Imagine a basketball team. When a player looks at his teammates in the huddle they see unity, each player bonded together by team colors. When they look down and see themself wearing the same jersey they feel that they are part of something bigger; a team. 

The same is true for a company. Your employees should feel that their fellow employees support them. Workers in community with one another will be more productive and create a better working environment. 

By giving your employees stylish corporate apparel, you can unify them and strengthen their bond as a team. Whether it’s in the office or out in the world, workers with a shared look may be more likely to internalize their relationship with each other and their work. 

The Best Corporate Branded Apparel to Give as Gifts


Port & Company Core Blend Tee

The Port & Company Core Blend Tee is the perfect base for corporate apparel. Its 50/50 cotton polyester blend makes it soft and versatile, with a stylish fit that your employees or clients will be proud to wear. With twelve different colors, there are plenty of options for your company.

Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirt

Looking for something 100% cotton? Look no further! The Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirt is sturdy and breathable and looks best with your logo on it!

Hanes Beefy-T 100% Cotton T-Shirt

If you want something similar with even more variety, check out this 100% cotton T-shirt from Hanes!


Port Authority Value Fleece Jacket

Port Authority has a few great jacket options that are well suited to corporate branded apparel. This cozy fleece jacket is great for winter or fall and will be sure to put a smile on your employee or customer’s face.

Port Authority Core Soft Shell Jacket

For a sleeker look, check out their Core Soft Shell Jacket. It will keep you warm and look great doing it!

The North Face Skyline Full Zip Fleece

North Face has long been one of the premier names in outdoor wear. Give a gift that will stand up to cold winds with their Skyline Full Zip Fleece! This jacket has a higher price tag for a reason and is sure to become a closet staple for your gift recipients.


Port Authority Snapback Trucker Cap

Gifting a good hat is a small but powerful gesture that shows your clients or employees that you appreciate them. Hats are also a highly visible canvas for your brand name or logo. 

Port Authority’s Snapback Trucker Cap is an excellent piece of casual wear for the summer. Its mesh back provides good airflow that will keep your head cool. With over thirty-five different colors and patterns, you’re sure to find the best selection for your company.

Port Authority Six-Panel Unstructured Twill Cap

For more from Port Authority, check out this highly value six panel cap, made from resilient, 100% twill fabric!

Carhartt Rugged Professional Series Cap

This cap from Carharrt features a mesh back and is made with a sturdy cotton, polyester, and spandex mix. Embroider your company logo onto this dependable hat and get your name out there!

Gifting is an essential part of business culture. High-quality corporate branded apparel is the best surprise you can give to an employee or customer that will better your work environment and improve name recognition. For more gifting ideas, check out some other great articles on our blog!

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