The Best Promotional Items to Give Away

It’s trade show season! And everyone knows the best thing about trade shows are the promotional items you give away or receive. Promotional items can range from your standard logo pens to some serious swag, but there’s a middle ground, where you can still create a memorable experience, without breaking the bank.

By giving away high quality, embroidered apparel as a promotional item, you not only save money, but you know you’ll make an impact and stand out from the crowd.

Custom Tees

Custom tees are a great, low cost way to give away promotional items to a large group or client. Tees are easy to customize and embroider, meaning your order will be a snap! Whether you’re going to be embroidering your logo, your slogan, or something a little different, you can create custom embroidered t-shirts for any event. Here are some of our best sellers:

Port & Company Core Blend Tee

Lime Green Core Blend Tee

Priced right and in a variety of colors, the Port and Company Core Blend Tee is our best selling embroidered T-Shirt. The comfortable crewneck means it’s the perfect promo item for any trade show, conference, or event.

Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirt

Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirt

Super comfortable and nicely heavyweight, the Gildan Ultra Cotton Tee can be embroidered with your logo on almost any color. The variety of colors and simple crew neck means this is a great unisex choice - perfect for your next promotional giveaway.

Custom Jackets

If you’re trying to impress a potential customer or are creating a brand presence that is more upper class, custom jackets are the way to go. A little more pricey than your general t-shirt, custom embroidered jackets show that you have the money to spend on your clients and those who matter most. Jackets are a great promotional item to hook a customer or impress your existing partners. Here are some of our best sellers:

Port Authority Value Fleece Jacket

Port Authority-Value Fleece Jacket-S-Red-Thread Logic

The Port Authority Value Fleece Jacket is a great, low budget option for your embroidered jacket promo item. This customizable jacket is our best seller and the one we recommend the most - it has everything you need, medium weight, comfortable, and double zippers. The variety of colors and it’s unisex shape makes it the perfect thing to fit in a gift bag for your next customer meeting.

Clique View Jacket

Clique View Jacket-Men's Jackets-Thread Logic

Premium quality, this polyester hooded jacket is lightweight and durable, making the perfect rain jacket that can be embroidered with your logo. In a variety of colors, you’ll find the perfect jacket for your company logo. 

Embroidered Totes

Everyone loves a tote bag. We all have branded tote bags in our closet or car that we use every time we go to the grocery store - they’re a never dying billboard for your brand and are the perfect way to keep your promotional gift bundle together. Give away just the tote, or fill it with other promotional items! Tote bags aren’t going out of style any time soon, so check out some of our favorite tote bags for embroidery below:

Port Authority Convention Tote

Port Authority-Convention Tote-Black-Thread Logic

This is your basic, cotton tote bag. It doesn’t get easier than this! Embroider your logo right there on the front and stand out from the crowd. Add your marketing materials, collateral, and any other promotional items you have, and you have a built in promotional gift set.

Port Authority Two Tone Shopping Tote

Port Authority-Two Tone Shopping Tote-Natural/Red-Thread Logic

This is our most loved tote bag. Embroider your logo on this two-tone tote bag to ensure this doesn’t get left in the closet. Every time someone goes shopping, they will be putting your logo out there for you.

Embroidered Hats

Hats are a great way to get your logo out there, especially in the summer time. Promotional embroidered hats are easy to embroider, easy to give out, easy to store, and just easy all around! Embroidered hats make a great promotional giveaway item because they’re inexpensive enough to justify the spend, but are some of the most used embroidered items out there. Here are some of our best sellers:

Richardson Snapback Trucker Cap

Richardson Snapback Trucker Cap

We sell out of these trucker caps every year. These embroidered caps are a classic shape, come in a variety of colors, and have a snap back, meaning they’re a perfect selection for promotional materials. Durable, versatile, and just a great fit for any logo, these Richardson Snapbacks are perfect for your next trade show.

New Era Shadow Stretch Heather Cap

New Era Shadow Stretch Heather Cap-L/XL-Rainstorm Shadow Heather-Thread Logic

A personal favorite, these New Era Stretch Caps are fitted, and give off that expensive look (without the expensive receipt!) A great selection of colors and a structured look, these hats are perfect for embroidery, and will be perfect for your logo. The stretch fit means you don’t have to worry about the fitted base fitting your customers. These are one of our best sellers, and you can see why!

Custom Beanies

If your trade shows are in winter or you’re a winter focused brand, there’s nothing better than a custom embroidered beanie to give away as a promotional item. Beanies come in so many colors and sizes, there’s really something for everyone. Custom embroidered beanies make the perfect giveaway promotional item because they are less expensive than actual apparel, you don’t have to worry about sizing, and they’re easily stored and reused for next time if you order too many because beanies never go out of style. Here are some of our favorites and best sellers:

Port & Company Knit Cap

Port & Company-Knit Cap-Athletic Orange-Thread Logic

The staple beanie! This knit beanie from Port & Company is one of our favorite best sellers. The folding cuff makes embroidery a breeze, and there’s still room for comfort and style. It comes in many colors, so you’ll definitely find a style to suit your brand and your brand’s style. With the low price tag, these embroidered beanies make a great promotional item for any company, big or small.

New Era Colorblock Cuffed Beanie

New Era Colorblock Cuffed Beanie-Scarlet/ Heather Grey-Thread Logic

Everyone loves a pom pom beanie! With a little extra flair, this beanie is a fun promotional item that’s a little unexpected. The variety of professional colors means you’ll find something that’ll work with your logo. The cute cuff is great for embroidery, and you’ll love the price point.

Find your next embroidered apparel piece for your company with Thread Logic

There are so many promotional items out there that don’t get used, or are a waste of space. We know that embroidered apparel does a few things that your basic promotional pen doesn’t:

  1. It shows that your company cares and is willing to invest in it’s customers, it’s employees, and it’s prospects.
  2. Embroidered apparel, embroidered bags, and embroidered hats will get used, unlike your standard logo printed paperweight. People like having promotional items that aren’t wasteful. Because these promo items get used, they get seen by more people.
  3. Promotional embroidered apparel attracts customers to your booth, and can increase the amount of people who have their eyes on your logo.
There’s a lot of great reasons to invest in promotional apparel and promotional accessories over basic plastic logo printed paperweights, and we encourage you to check out our selection of brands that we carry to find the right promotional items for your next conference, trade show, or employee appreciation gift.

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