Our Top Picks for Business Travel Outfits to Wear Right Into the Office

Our Top Picks for Business Travel Outfits to Wear Right Into the Office

Traveling for work often comes with a set of challenges, particularly surrounding what to wear! While looking polished and put-together is essential for business meetings and conferences, it can be quite uncomfortable when you're constantly on the go.

From figuring out what packs well, to what to wear in transit, navigating business travel outfits can be overwhelming. On top of that, frequent changes in climates and environments can make it challenging to select appropriate attire for each destination, leaving you and your team struggling to find versatile options that meet both professional standards and comfort requirements.

Here at Thread Logic, we are no strangers to strange weather and the need for solid business travel outfits. Let us help you navigate this seemingly confusing process and show you just how important custom embroidered apparel is to solving this problem.

The Do's and Don'ts of Business Travel Outfits

Knowing what to wear when traveling for work can be difficult, especially if you are going straight from the office to a conference room. Unless otherwise stated, when you're traveling, it is typically expected that you will maintain a business casual appearance.

Do: Wear Something Comfortable and Breathable

Wearing comfortable and breathable attire when traveling for work is crucial for several reasons. First, it enhances physical well-being and minimizes the discomfort associated with long journeys or extended periods of sitting and standing. Second, it helps maintain mental focus and productivity by reducing distractions caused by uncomfortable clothing.

Choosing comfortable and breathable outfits allows travelers to adapt to varying climates and environments more easily, ensuring they can stay comfortable and professional throughout their journey.

Don't: Dress Too Casually

Dressing too casually when traveling for work can undermine your professional image and credibility, potentially impacting important business interactions. A well-put-together appearance sends a signal of respect and professionalism to clients, colleagues, and partners. Additionally, adhering to a smart-casual or business attire dress code can help you seamlessly transition from travel mode to business mode, ensuring you're always prepared for unexpected meetings or networking opportunities during your trip.

Do: Layer

Layering is essential when traveling for work as it offers versatility and adaptability to changing environments and climates. By wearing multiple layers, you can easily adjust your clothing to stay comfortable whether you're in a chilly airplane cabin, a warm meeting room, or outdoors at your destination. This flexibility reduces the need for frequent outfit changes and minimizes the luggage you have to carry.

Furthermore, layering provides a stylish and professional look, allowing you to maintain a polished appearance while catering to the varying temperature and weather conditions you may encounter during your journey.

Don't: Dress Out of Season

Dressing in season when traveling for work is essential for both comfort and appropriateness. Wearing clothing appropriate for the current season ensures you're comfortable in varying weather conditions, which can greatly impact your overall travel experience.

It also reflects professionalism, as dressing out of season might convey a lack of attention to detail or disregard for the local climate. Moreover, adhering to seasonal attire helps you seamlessly blend in with the local culture and environment, demonstrating respect and adaptability, which can be crucial in international or diverse business settings.

Our Top Recommendations for Business Travel Outfits

Port Authority Dry Zone Grid Polo

The Port Authority Dry Zone Grid Polo offers a stylish and durable option for business travel. Let your team travel in comfort with the smooth and moisture wicking fabric, while displaying your company's logo proudly for all to see. With plenty of color options, you are sure to find something that highlights your logo while keeping your team looking sharp!

CornerStone Snag-Proof Colorblock Pocket Polo

The CornerStone Snag-Proof Colorblock Pocket Polo provides your team with the comfort and security of a durable polo built for travel and bumping into things. There's no time for snagging your shirt on a zipper or turnstile while traveling. Additionally, the odor-fighting fabric will help your team look and smell fresh throughout their day of travel.

The color accents on the shoulder give that extra flair while keeping your team members looking sleek and ready for any meeting.

Clique Long Sleeve Spin Polo

The Clique Long Sleeve Spin Polo is comfortable yet durable with its 100% Spin Dyed Polyester Pique fabric. This fabric helps ensure your team is comfortable while their shirt withstands the trials of hotel washing machines. This polo is fantastic for team members who are traveling in cooler months or frequently find themselves shivering in a cold office.

NIKE Dri-FIT Micro Pique 2.0 Long Sleeve Polo

The NIKE Dri-FIT Micro Pique 2.0 Long Sleeve Polo is the perfect mix of brand recognition and comfort. With your company logo emblazoned adjacent from the iconic NIKE logo, people won't be able to look away as your team travels around.

Your team will thank you for the added comfort of the infamous DRI-FIT technology, leaving them feeling warm without feeling stuffy both on a plane and in the office.

Set Your Team Up for Success with Custom Embroidered Business Travel Attire!

In the world of business travel, the choices for high quality, comfortable options are slim.

With Thread Logic's array of options, you can confidently navigate the professional realm, ensuring your attire reflects positively on your brand and your team. Whether you are traveling back to the home office or embarking on a networking trip, Thread Logic has something for everyone.

We know the needs of your team are plenty. With our no minimum order requirement and the ability to mix and match color and style options, you are able to order exactly what you need while providing options for the whole team.

Our easy upload process makes your shopping experience a breeze! Upload your company logo once and then see how it looks on any of our products, sitewide!

What are you waiting for? You need to get your team out there, displaying your logo! If you aren't sure where to start or what would be best for your team, reach out to us! We are here and ready to help.


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