Custom Work Jackets for Every Climate

Custom Work Jackets for Every Climate

If you're someone who works outdoors, you know that weather and climate are the biggest variables to whether or not you have a good day. As the seasons change, so do the demands of what your workwear can do for you.

Nowadays, it is highly likely that you have employees who are working in different parts of the country, which means different climates and seasons.

No matter where your team lives in the country (or in the world!), you'll want to make sure that they have the appropriate clothing that will help them get the job done.

What to Look for In a Custom Work Jacket?

A good work jacket is crucial to anyone who spends their days on a job site – especially when it's in a cold environment. You'll need something that is durable, warm and reliable enough to make it through the day-to-day wear and tear that the job site demands.

At the same time, you will also want to make sure that the jackets you invest in are best suited for the climate your team will be in the most.

If you live in an area with unbearably cold winters (we know a little something about that as Minnesotans), your best bet is to invest in a jacket best for cold weather.

If you live in a more temperate area, where the winters are shorter and not as brutal, you will want to consider and all-season jacket that allows for more or less layering, depending on the time of year.

Ultimately, choosing a work jacket is going to depend heavily on where your team is located! Fear not, if you have team members across the country, you can mix and match

Our Favorite Work Jackets for Every Climate

We've compiled a list of some of our favorite work jackets that will help your team feel good and look great regardless of the climate they're working in – check it out!

Carhartt Shoreline Jacket

The Carhartt Shoreline Jacket is a great option for all sorts of climates and a wide variety of job sites. This jacket is incredibly resilient (despite its casual look and feel), and the 100% nylon Oxford shell fabric is built to support the wearer and keep them comfortable, even on the toughest jobs. The interior is made with soft polyester mesh lining and the exterior will keep the wearer protected from the elements.



Port Authority Active Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket

If you need something a little less demanding and a bit more casual, then you can't go wrong with the Port Authority Active Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket. Not only is this jacket comfortable and extremely lightweight, but it's also water-resistant, which makes it a great option for the springtime or any rainy environment.



Port Authority Lightweight Charger Jacket

Any team that is looking to take on the wind and the rain on a regular basis should have the Port Authority Lightweight Charger Jacket in their wardrobe. It features a water-resistant shell and a warm fleece body lining that will make it a staple piece in the closet year-round.



Clique Trail Softshell

Your team can rock a sporty and trendy look on the job site when they don the Clique Trail Softshell! This jacket is smooth to the touch and as comfortable as can be thanks to the bonded microfleece lining, making it perfect for a chilly fall day, a rainy spring day or any sort of medium-temperature climate!



Find the Perfect Custom Work Jacket for Your Team

No matter what sort of jacket your team requires, you can find a great option with Thread Logic!

We have no minimum order requirements, and you can mix and match your order so that everybody on your team can get the exact style that works best for them.

Plus, when you adorn the jacket with your logo, you'll boost team camaraderie and get some free marketing as you do it.

Worried about what your logo will look like on a jacket? Our upload process is simple and only needs to be done once! Once you have uploaded your file, your logo will populate on the items you look at!

Ready to get started? Contact us today - we're ready to help!


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