Packable Custom Apparel for Your Next Work Trip

Packable Custom Apparel for Your Next Work Trip

Stop us if you've been here before — you've got a trip coming up that you're really excited about. You've got all the details sorted out, the itinerary is locked in and you're ready to change up your scenery. There's only one thing left to do: pack your bags.

For many travelers, packing is a chore that puts a damper on the entire traveling experience. What clothes do you need to bring? How will you make it all fit? How can you be sure that once you arrive at your destination, your clothes won't be a wrinkled mess, meaning you have to spend precious time on your trip busting out the hotel iron or steamer just to look presentable?

Packing doesn't need to be something you dread so much that you put it off until the last minute. If you have a good system in place, you can actually streamline the process and make it as bearable as possible!

We've compiled a guide to help you pack clothes the right way so that you can spend more time enjoying your trip and less time fighting with an overstuffed suitcase.


Clothes That “Travel” Well

A seasoned traveler will tell you that the key to traveling is to "travel well". You want to select clothes that will leave you with minimum maintenance after unpacking. Like we mentioned before, the less time you have to spend making your clothes look good after the trip, the happier you (and your co-travelers) will be.

But how do you know which clothes travel well? There are a few fabric types that you can always count on for minimum maintenance, even after they've been stuffed in a suitcase for hours on end.

Neon and polyester are a great place to start when packing. They're not only wrinkle-free, but they're also quick-drying, which makes them a go-to choice for those who like to (or have to) do a quick load of laundry on their trip.

Denim is another fool-proof fabric that you can utilize. They may be a bit on the heavier side of fabric, but they wrinkle far less than many other fabrics. If you do end up with some creases, you can get them out with a quick run through with a hairdryer.

If you need something that looks a little nicer, you can't go wrong with merino wool or cashmere. These fabrics balance that luxurious look with that soft and comfortable feel, making them a great choice for an event or a long day sightseeing.

Our Favorite Packable Travel Clothes

Here at Thread Logic, we have our own personal list of some of our favorite packable travel clothes that will look good for any occasion without causing you headaches in the hotel room.


Port Authority Dry Zone Grid Polo

You can't go wrong with a polo — especially not the Port Authority Dry Zone Grid Polo. Not only is it incredibly stylish, but it's also made of a durable fabric that won't wrinkle easily. It's also made of a 100% polyester build that won't shrink or fade when washed, making it a great "set it and forget it" option for those hotel laundry days.


NIKE Dry Essential Solid Polo

The NIKE Dry Essential Solid Polo is another great choice in the polo family for your travels. It's made with a breathable Dri-FIT fabric that will fight wrinkles and creases, and it's incredibly comfortable even on those hot days spent walking around seeing all the sights.

Clique Long Sleeve Ice Pique Polo

If you're traveling to a cool environment, you may be interested in the Clique Long Sleeve Ice Pique Polo. The sturdy material and build of the polo will assure all your wrinkle worries, and the timeless look is a great fit for all sorts of occasions.


Clique Spin Half Zip

If you want something a little more comfortable for those long travel days, we recommend the Clique Spin Half Zip. It's designed with a high quality material that won't crease and wrinkle, and the soft feel will make it your go-to for the airport or those long car rides.


NIKE Dri-Fit Cotton/Poly Tee

If you're heading to a warm environment, then the NIKE Dri-Fit Cotton/Poly Tee is a must-have. As we mentioned before, polyester is a go-to travel fabric since it won't get riddled with wrinkles in a suitcase. Combine that with the comfort of cotton and you have a great go-to top for travel.

Things to Consider When Packing for a Work Trip

Now that you have a selection of tops to choose from, how do you go about packing for your trip?

The first thing to consider is your trip itinerary. What sorts of activities will you be partaking in? Will you be spending the time networking at a hotel lobby, or are you embarking on a team hike in the wilderness? Things like these are important to figure out beforehand so that you know which clothes will and won't make the packing list.

You'll also want to take into consideration the weather and climate of the destination. Are you going to be spending more time indoors or outdoors on the trip?

If you'll be spending your time in a conference room, you may want a jacket of some sort, as the air conditioning can be ruthless in those environments. Alternatively, if you'll be spending time in the sun, you may be better off packing light clothing that will keep you dry and comfortable throughout the long day.

It's always a juggling act trying to decide whether to prioritize comfort or style on long trips. Our solution? Pack for both! You'll want to be comfortable on the travel days, but you'll likely want to be a little more dressed up when you are at your destination.

This doesn't mean you need to stuff your suitcase – items like polos, jackets and quarter zips make for a great solution for both comfort and style!

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We don't do minimum ordering requirements and when you place an order, you can mix and match styles so that everyone can get what they want. Interested? Contact the team at Thread Logic to get started on the process!


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