What To Wear When Traveling For Work

What to Wear When Traveling for Work

Most employees already dislike business trips for various reasons, such as having to leave their families or homes. Do not make business trips any more tedious than necessary by forcing employees to wear uncomfortable or stifling formal clothing. Instead, get employees excited about work trips by offering them comfortable and stylish customized work apparel. Keep reading to learn more about what to wear when traveling.

What to Look for When Purchasing Work Wear for Your Staff

Custom work apparel for your traveling employees should make the wearer feel comfortable and look their best. Discomfort during a business trip will leave a worker distracted and weary. Also, a well-dressed employee will be more confident during business meetings, and confident employees are more motivated and likely to deliver results.

When providing employees with what to wear when traveling, prioritize clothing with these features:


Breathable clothing is essential during business trips, especially if the destination is warm. Besides keeping the wearer cool, such clothes minimize itchiness and sweating by facilitating airflow over the skin. Breathable fabrics are also typically soft to prevent chafing. Employees can comfortably wear such clothing throughout the day and stay focused on their trip.


If your employee is visiting a cold destination, provide them with clothing they can layer. Layering is key to staying warm and comfortable when it’s cold, but you can’t layer with just any clothing.

The base layer should be a breathable fabric that prevents sweatiness, and the mid-layer should be insulated clothing that stops body heat from escaping. As for the outer layer, you need a wind and water-resistant jacket that keeps out the elements.

Clear Logo Embroidery

Custom embroidered workwear for traveling employees is a must. Firstly, employees wearing clothing custom embroidered with your brand logo generate free publicity for your brand. The more attractive the customized outfit, the more attention it will grab, leading to more publicity.

Secondly, custom embroidered workwear will make traveling employees easily recognizable as representatives of your company. Lastly, employees dressed in such outfits will remember they are part of a team, leading to continued motivation wherever they go.

The Best Embroidered Apparel to Wear for Work Travel

Now that you know what to wear when traveling, let’s look at the best outfits you can customize and provide employees for upcoming trips.

Clique Ice Half Zip

Do you want a pullover that your team can layer with or wear alone? If so, the Clique Ice Half Zip is an excellent choice. Besides being durable, the pullover is breathable and moisture-wicking, delivering superior comfort in various weather conditions. It’s also attractive and less expensive than similar pullovers from other brands, making it a great value apparel for your team.

Sport-Tek 1/4-Zip Sweatshirt

If you want a pullover with more color options, try the Sport-Tek 1/4-Zip Sweatshirt. It’s a highly durable sweatshirt made from 65/35 ring-spun combed cotton/poly fleece. Besides being breathable, the fabric is soft to the touch and shrink-resistant. You can also choose from nine attractive colors.

Gildan Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt

If you want to provide employees with casual clothing that delivers superior comfort during long trips, the Gildan Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt is an excellent choice. The hoodie's soft fabric feels lovely against the skin, and it's durable enough to serve your employees for many years.

Port Authority Value Fleece Vest

Employees shouldn’t have to endure chattering teeth during a business trip. Keep your team warm with the Port Authority Value Fleece Vest. The sleeveless jacket is perfect for layering because you can pair it with various outfits. Also, it offers excellent insulation by trapping body heat and keeping out cold winds.

Port Authority Essential Jacket

Packing a heavy jacket for a cold trip can take up limited storage space and increase your bag’s weight. The Port Authority Essential Jacket solves this issue by being a lightweight jacket with sufficient insulation. Black and blue versions of the jacket are available, and you can customize it by having your brand name embroidered on the chest.

Eddie Bauer Packable Wind Jacket

What if the trip is during not just cold but wet weather? The Eddie Bauer Packable Wind Jacket has your team covered. The highly technical jacket has an adjustable hoodie and a 100% nylon fabric that offers water and wind protection. You also get several zip pockets for storing and protecting your phone or other items against the elements.

NIKE Dry Essential Solid Polo

Impress everyone who sees your employees during a business trip by dressing them in the NIKE Dry Essential Solid Polo. The polo shirt drapes nicely to offer a smart fit, and you can get it in attractive colors like red, navy blue, and sky blue. The NIKE logo on the arm shows you have taste, and you can stitch your brand logo into the chest to distinguish your team.

CornerStone Select Lightweight Snag-Proof Polo Shirt

If the NIKE polo shirt is above your budget, the CornerStone Select Lightweight Snag-Proof Polo Shirt is an excellent alternative. It’s a premium polo shirt at an affordable price, and you get a fabric that is durable, breathable, moisture-wicking, and soft. Even better, up to ten color options are available.

Port & Company Long Sleeve Value Denim Shirt

With the Port & Company Long Sleeve Value Denim Shirt, you can have the coolest-looking team during your next business trip. Male and female variants of this denim shirt are available, and every variant is fade, tear, and wear-resistant.

Port Authority Carefree Poplin Shirt

First impressions can make or break a business trip. If you want a professional-looking team that properly represents your brand, dress them in a custom embroidered Port Authority Carefree Poplin Shirt. The long-sleeve dress shirt looks stylish and smart. Even better, its wrinkle-resistant fabric will ensure your team always looks business-ready.

Look Your Best at Touch Down

Figuring out what to wear when traveling for work should not be a problem for your team. Ease the lives of your traveling workers by providing custom embroidered workwear that will keep everyone comfortable and confident throughout trips. Travel apparel customized with your brand logo will also promote your brand and distinguish your team.

Are you looking for where to find comfortable and stylish custom embroidered workwear? Head over to Thread Logic. We offer polo shirts, jackets, hats, dress shirts, and other apparel for traveling teams. Check out our collection, view samples of our work, and order your preferred customized traveling apparel today.

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