What To Wear To A Conference

What to Wear to a Conference

Conferences are excellent for networking, meeting potential clients, and boosting your brand’s image. Whether you are a conference host or attendee, experiencing these benefits will be difficult if you or your team do not dress appropriately. Keep reading to learn what to wear to a conference if you want your team and brand to ooze professionalism, trustworthiness, reliability, and competence.

What Is Conference Appropriate?

Every conference is different, and the appropriate dress code typically depends on the industry hosting the event. For instance, the dress code for banking and finance conferences is typically business formal, while tech, IT, or sports conferences are business casual.

However, you don’t want your team looking exactly like everyone else. Avoid such an outcome by dressing your team in matching apparel customized with your brand logo or name. Custom branding your conference apparel will set your team apart from others and generate free publicity for your brand.

Besides looking good, your conference apparel should have:


Conferences can take all day. Since you want your team to be comfortable throughout the duration of the conference, dress them in breathable clothing. Breathable fabrics keep the wearer cool, preventing sweating and itchiness.

Clear Logo Embroidery

Custom embroidery is one of the best ways to customize clothing because it looks premium. Dressing your team in clothing custom embroidered with your brand logo will distinguish them from other conference attendees. It will also promote your brand, ensuring attendees perceive your brand positively.

The Best Embroidered Apparel to Wear at a Conference

Now that you know what to wear to a conference, let’s look at team clothing you can customize for your upcoming conference.

Core 365 Easy Care Shirt

Attending conferences typically involves travel. Such an outing requires easy care clothing that can resist the rigors of being on the road and active at a conference. The Core 365 Easy Care Shirt perfectly fits this description with its wrinkle-resistant fabric that will keep your team looking sharp throughout a conference.

Red Kap Short Sleeve Industrial Work Shirt

Companies in the blue-collar industry love the Red Kap Short Sleeve Industrial Work Shirt for its practicality, comfort, and professional look. Dressing your team in a custom embroidered Red Kap Short Sleeve will hint at competence while keeping your team looking sleek and impressive.

Custom Embroidered Richardson 112 Hat

Instead of shirts or jackets, let your team stand out at a conference with custom-embroidered hats. Unlike other apparel, hats are quick and easy to wear, and your team can pair one with any outfit of their choice. Check out the affordable and stylish Custom Embroidered Richardson 112 Hat.

Richardson Low Pro Trucker Cap

The Richardson Low Pro Trucker Cap is another excellent hat option for giving your team a consistent look at your next conference. The hat features a durable and comfortable cotton/polyester fabric blend. Also, the low profile and classic trucker shape make the hat versatile enough to pair with business casual outfits.

The North Face Groundwork Backpack

Attending a conference may require carrying a laptop, notepads, and other items. Since your team can’t carry such items in their arms, offer them the North Face Groundwork Backpack. The spacious, functional, and stylish backpack has a padded interior for safely carrying laptops and more.

Port Authority Circuit Backpack

If the North Face Groundwork Backpack is beyond your budget, the Port Authority Circuit Backpack is a pocket-friendly alternative. It’s just as comfortable to carry, durable, and customizable.

Carhartt Quilted-Flannel-Lined Duck Active Jacket

Don’t let freezing or wet weather stop your team from attending a conference. Keep your team safe and comfortable with the Carhartt Quilted-Flannel-Lined Duck Active Jacket. The stylish jacket keeps out cold winds and rain to keep the wearer warm and cozy.

Carhartt Crowley Soft Shell Jacket

The Carhartt Crowley Soft Shell Jacket is another excellent option for keeping conference attendees dry and comfortable during cold weather. The jacket’s soft shell ensures unrestricted movement regardless of if you are indoors or outdoors.

The North Face Ridgewall Soft Shell Vest

The North Face Ridgewall Soft Shell Vest is an armless jacket that’s excellent for layering. Its polyester fabric offers impressive wind resistance and some water protection. Also, the vest’s bare chest makes the perfect canvas for stitching in your brand logo or name.

The North Face ThermoBall Trekker Jacket

Custom embroidered apparel is much more attractive when you use high-quality clothing from a beloved brand. Try the ThermoBall Trekker Jacket from North Face. It has the North Face logo on the left chest, leaving the right chest for your brand logo. Besides being attractive, the jacket is excellent for staying warm and dry in the harshest climates.

Adidas Performance Polo

The Adidas Performance Polo is perfect for a business casual look. Your team can wear the unisex polo shirt under a suit or alone over chinos, khaki pants, or a skirt. Since the simple shirt comes in several colors, you won’t have trouble finding an option that matches your brand.

Elevate Your Brand at Conferences with Embroidered Apparel

Provide your team with matching custom embroidered work apparel that eliminates the hassle of figuring out what to wear. At Thread Logic, you can find polo shirts, jackets, hats, dress shirts, and other apparel you can customize to fit your brand image. Check out our collection and order your preferred customized conference apparel today.

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