Custom the North Face Jackets

Custom the North Face Jackets to Keep Your Employees Warm at Their Desks

Keeping the workplace warm can be expensive and tricky, especially if you have a large office and every employee has their preferred indoor temperature. Since giving everyone access to the thermostat is out of the question, do the next best thing – Gift your team custom North Face jackets.

North Face is famous for its outdoor clothing that protects wearers from the elements. Besides keeping your team warm and looking impressive, a North Face jacket customized with your brand logo can foster team spirit and boost morale.

Choosing a Jacket the Whole Team Will Love

North Face offers various jacket styles. If you want a jacket from the brand that will keep your team warm at their desk, we recommend a light or midweight jacket. A heavier jacket may be too thick and uncomfortable for working indoors. Besides being comfortable, the jacket should be aesthetically pleasing. Why? Most people would rather stay cold than wear something that makes them look or feel unattractive.

Let’s now look at some of the North Face jackets you can choose from to warm up your team.

The North Face Mountain Peeks Full Zip Fleece

Coming in at just 7.6 ounces, the North Face Mountain Peeks Full Zip Fleece is perfect for staying warm while indoors. The lightweight jacket features a polyester/elastane knit fleece fabric that insulates the body, locking in body heat while keeping out cold air. Besides being warm, the jacket allows unrestricted movement, enabling your workers to move as much as they need to do their jobs.

The North Face Ridgewall Soft Shell Jacket

The North Face Ridgewall Soft Shell Jacket is another excellent jacket for keeping your team warm. Its polyester fabric can keep out water and cold winds, enabling the jacket to keep your staff warm within or outside the office. You can get the jacket in five attractive colors, and every team member can have one since male and female variants of the jacket are available.

The North Face Sweater Fleece Jacket

The North Face Sweater Fleece Jacket is a sleek jacket made from polyester sweater knit. When zipped up, the jacket perfectly insulates the body and keeps out cold air. Also, the fabric’s pleasurable texture means you can wear the jacket alone or layer it over an undershirt. Lastly, the jacket has two side pockets for hiding your hands to keep them warm.

Order a Custom Embroidered Jacket for Your Team Today!

Are you ready to order custom North Face jackets for your team? If so, you can order all the jackets you want at Thread Logic – everyone’s favorite supplier of custom embroidered apparel.

Placing orders with us is simple. Simply select the jackets you want, upload and confirm your embroidery design, pay, and we’ll take care of the rest, including delivering your order to your doorstep.

You can mix and match different jacket styles in your order and snag a bargain with our quantity discounts. Also, did we mention that our embroidery services are complimentary? Contact us today to get started with your order.


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