Top 9 Custom Swag Ideas for Remote Employees

Top 9 Custom Swag Ideas for Remote Employees

Remote employee care packages have become a well-established way to keep your remote team engaged and on-track. Remote work can provide a challenge for many to feel like a part of the team. Just a little custom swag for remote employees can go a long way to maintaining a strong remote team connection.


Why Give Swag to Your Remote Employees?

Custom swag can be used to reward your remote employees when they do a great job, increase a sense of team unity, and build shared loyalty in remote teams. Of course, you can't just send the same snack pack every year and expect to see the same motivating results. Customizing pieces with the company logo can make your team feel closer and even allow your remote employees to flex their branded gifts when out with friends and family.

Improve Morale

Maintaining the morale of remote workers is a unique challenge. Bringing donuts to work or going out for drinks after a shared shift simply isn't an option. Employers who know how to send swag that matters like stylish clothing, bags, and gear have seen a marked increase in remote worker morale and have been able to keep their more isolated team members spirits high through tough times.

Increase Employee Engagement

Swag can also increase remote employee's sense of engagement with the company and with their team. Wearing matching shirts has always been a nice way to feel included, but truly nice gifts show that an employer cares about each and every team member. When a remote employee wears some of their branded swag, they show that they are happy to be on the team, and may feel more connected to other team members with similar gear and to the company whose logo they willingly sport.


Best Customized Swag for Remote Employees

The best thing about well-crafted custom swag is that it is truly useful. The best customized swag for your remote employees will reflect your consideration for them, and that you want them to have quality items that will be useful on a daily basis.

Embroidered Beanies

Warm knit caps are both practical and fun, useful in many outdoor situations while also providing a more lighthearted fashion statement. Adding your company logo to a knit beanie is a great way to see that logo when your remote employees are out and about - or just tending their garden during cold weather months.

Company T-Shirts

Sending your entire remote team embroidered t-shirts in matching styles and colors can help everyone to feel connected, and really drive home that sense of team accomplishment. Soft short-sleeve t-shirts and sports-ready t-shirts are a great choice for this reason. Depending on the season, a nice lightweight long sleeve t-shirt is also incredibly versatile, and no one can have enough of them.


Fleece Jackets & Hoodies

Being Minnesotans ourselves, we understand the importance of team apparel you can use to bundle up. Fleece jackets are warm without being bulky, and are a great addition to any travel or camping gear. Many people will find themselves wearing the company fleece every day, because it is cozy, comfortable, and stylish all at once.

Hoodies are also a big hit with today's professionals, especially a practical pocketed hoodie that can go anywhere or provide home-office comfort in almost any weather. Embroidering the company logo on a fleece or hoodie makes it memorable and meaningful, as well as practical and comfy.


Backpacks with the Company Logo

A company backpack is a great idea, especially for remote team members who sometimes travel to the home office or are sent on business trips. Not only are backpacks versatile, but they will also make it out into the world. This OGIO Logan Pack has all the pockets, compartments, and padded straps your remote employees need to work remotely on the go.

Travel-Ready Laptop Briefcase

For more fashion forward remote employees, a travel-ready laptop briefcase is the perfect choice. The right size to take on the train or as an air travel carry-on, a briefcase or messenger bag looks professional while providing many of the functional benefits of a well-designed backpack.

We love the Port Authority Exec Briefcase for it's sleek look and laptop-ready design, but with enough expanding space to also carry a change of clothes, snacks, and other out-of-home necessities that any remote worker can appreciate.

Baseball Caps & Bucket Hats with the Company Logo

With summer just around the corner, get your remote workers ready for days in the sun with company logo baseball caps and bucket hats. Our fashionable Port Authority baseball caps will make your remote employees feel like they are on the team, but also encourage at home workers to embrace a health work-life balance with outdoor activities.

Custom Can Cooler

Speaking of summertime adventures, one of the perfect ways to encourage outdoor recreation and a healthy work-life balance is with a company cooler tote. The Carhartt 18-can tote cooler is the perfect accessory to keep cool drinks nearby on-the-go. The company logo fits perfectly in the large center panel, while employees can feel stylish without hauling around a traditional bulky rectangular cooler.


Customized Vests

A fleece vest is even more versatile than a traditional fleece, and a delightful surprise to unpack in your next remote employee swag bag. Whether camping out in the home office or on the go, a customized fleece vest is a great piece of swag to engage and reward your remote team.

Company Travel Duffels

Last but not least, consider the cool factor of receiving a company duffel. We love the Port Authority Metro Duffel for it's great expandability, durability, and excellent profile of external pockets for accessing your travel gear on the go. Remote employees who travel often or travel occasionally will also appreciate the dual-strap design, sturdy pull zips, and versatility of this customized company duffel.


Order Custom Swag for Your Remote Employees with Thread Logic

Are you looking for ways to reward and engage your remote team members? Are you planning the next care package for your awesome remote team, or would you like to equip your remote team with all the travel gear they will need to thrive when working on the road? At Thread Logic, we've got you covered. With a wide selection of high-quality products from brands like Port Authority, Nike, Carhard, OIGO, UnderArmour, Puma, Nautica, and more, we will ensure beautiful embroidered logos for unforgettable custom swag.

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