How to Reward Remote Employees

Data from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) shows that about half of employees prefer working from home. If that’s true, why are your remote workers dissatisfied and quitting what should be a dream job? Keep reading to get answers and discover ideas for rewarding remote employees to ensure they stay engaged, happy, and productive.

Why Employee Recognition and Rewards Are Important

According to an Inc. report, 79% of employees quit jobs because they feel unappreciated. Ignoring remote workers because you no longer share an office with them can lead to employees feeling dissatisfied or disconnected from the team.

Dissatisfied and unengaged employees cost the American economy as much as $350 billion yearly because they are less productive. Your company can avoid such costs by doing something as simple and affordable as recognizing remote workers for their efforts. When you recognize and reward remote workers for their efforts and achievements, you can look forward to benefits like:

Improve Employee Retention

According to a Gallup report, only about 30% of U.S. employees feel they receive adequate recognition or praise for doing good work. The report also revealed that underappreciated employees are twice as likely to leave their job within a year.

If you think remote employees quitting is not a big deal, keep in mind that the cost of replacing one employee can range from 1.5 to 2x that employee’s annual salary. Making employees feel appreciated so that they stay costs far less.

You don’t have to give out huge bonuses. Something as simple as public or private recognition by a senior or peer is enough to make employees feel appreciated and motivate them to keep doing their best.

Increase Company Love

Employees that love their company are less likely to quit and more likely to defend, support, and sacrifice for their company. Such employees are loyal and willing to put the needs and goals of the company first. You can instill such passion and dedication into remote employees by thanking and celebrating them privately or publicly when their contributions lead to a win for the company.

Talent Is More Excited About Your Company

Employees will happily recommend their workplace to job seekers if they are happy and excited about their company. You will then have top talents rushing to work for you, giving you a pool of diverse individuals to choose from to build a bigger and better team. Also, did you know that a significant percentage of employees are willing to accept less pay to work in a company that makes them happy?

How to Reward Your Remote Staff

Unsure about how to reward remote employees? Not a problem. Here are some of the best ideas for rewarding remote employees and keeping them happy and engaged:


Everyone loves gifts, but all gifts are not equal. If rewarding staff for their hard work and loyalty, you need to give them a gift that has value and conveys your appreciation. Your best options are:

Apparel and Embroidered Accessories

Customized clothing or accessories are excellent choices for rewarding or recognizing your staff. You can customize the apparel or accessory by having your company name embroidered on the item. You could also have the name and achievement of the employee embroidered on it.

A work-from-home employee can use such gifts while working remotely. Every time they wear or use the gift, they will see the company name and feel like they are part of a team that appreciates them. Top gift ideas for embroidered apparel and accessories include:

1. Laptop Sleeves and Backpacks

Backpacks and laptop sleeves are perfect gifts for remote workers who don’t necessarily work at home. They can pack their laptop, lunch, chargers, books, and anything else they need into a backpack and head to their favorite coffee shop, library, or park to work.

Laptop sleeves are lighter and less spacious inside, making them ideal for remote workers who like to pack light when going to work outside their homes. Backpacks and laptop sleeves are customizable with embroidery, and your workers can use them for other activities besides work.

Here are our best sellers if you are looking for the best customizable backpacks or laptop sleeves for your team:

  • OGIO Logan Pack: The OGIO Logan is a versatile backpack suitable for office use and outdoor activities. Its spacious interior is large enough to hold everything you might need while heading out for the day, and the padded interior can keep laptops and other fragile items safe. The bag is also comfortable to carry, thanks to its padded straps and back.

  • Port Authority Nailhead Messenger: This comfortable messenger bag is ideal for workers who prefer a less bulky bag. Even though it’s slim, the bag can easily hold large laptops and tablets, and its padded interior provides superior protection for stored devices.


2. Embroidered Hats

Hats are excellent gifts to give employees because they are functional and stylish. A trucker cap can provide sun protection in summer, while a beanie can provide warmth on a cold day. Custom embroidered hats are even better because the design improves the aesthetics of the hat and boosts team spirit among your remote employees. Below is our top-selling customizable hat:

  • Port Authority Snapback Trucker Cap: This affordable hat comes in various attractive colors, allowing you to pick an option that fits your brand. The one-size-fits-all design and adjustable strap ensure that the hat can fit all your employees. At the back of the hat is a polyester mesh that keeps under the hat breathable to minimize sweating on hot days.

3. Custom Polos

Your male and female remote staff will appreciate gifts of embroidered polo shirts because they look good on anyone. It’s also a win for your company because a polo shirt embroidered with your brand name and logo will turn your remote employees into walking billboards for your company. If you want an affordable yet durable and attractive polo shirt for your team, look no further than the below top seller.

  • Port Authority Dry Zone Grid Polo: This shirt comes in several attractive colors and looks lovely when worn alone or under a jacket. The breathable fabric wicks moisture and dries quickly to keep the wearer comfortable and cool throughout the day.

4. Embroidered Jackets

Do most of your remote workers live where chilly weather is common? If so, excite them with custom embroidered jackets. Several styles are available for different genders, including full-zip, quarter-zip, and soft shell options, which are stylish and deliver superior warmth. Below is our top seller:

  • Port Authority Value Fleece Jacket: You can get this classy, mid-weight jacket in various shades of red, blue, green, and grey. Its luxurious texture feels pleasant on the skin, and its high collar and chin guard provide impressive wind protection.

Accessories / Swag

You can gift employees inexpensive accessories and swag like stress balls, notebooks, pens, and cheap t-shirts. However, they won’t appreciate such gifts or feel the love as much as if they received premium stuff. Unappreciated gifts will end up in the trash or a forgotten store room, meaning you’ve spent thousands of dollars on gifts and achieved nothing.

If you want your staff to appreciate a gift, give them something of quality that shows you put some thought into it. For example, branded towels, aprons, blankets, scrubs, and headwear customized with your brand name or logo are all good options. Some of the best brands for such gifts are:

You can customize items from these brands with embroidery or screen printing.

Give Flexibility Readily

Some workers prefer working from home, while others enjoy mingling with teammates in person. A flexible workplace lets the staff choose their preferred work environment and schedule.

If an employee believes they can do their job from home and has a track record of doing so, let them pick days to work remotely and days for the office. According to a Mckinsey report, 87% of employees choose a flexible work schedule if they have the option. Rewarding employees with the freedom to work from their preferred location can promote productivity and foster loyalty to the company.

Focus On Health + Wellness

Employees are more loyal when they believe their employer cares. A loyal workforce is less likely to quit, reducing employee churn and the high cost of replacing exiting staff.

Show employees that you care by rewarding them with work-from-home stipends. Alternatively, gift your remote workers gym subscriptions, online therapy sessions, exercise equipment, fitness trackers, or healthy food deliveries. Such gifts can help remote employees stay well and reduce sick leaves.

Encourage Engaging Team/Individual Experiences

One of the most popular ideas for rewarding remote employees is gifting them fun events or outings. You could gift a worker a fully paid trip to a spa, restaurant, concert, or resort.

Alternatively, you could make it a team-building event by arranging a cookout, mystery dinner with a company leader, or some other fun outing for groups. Besides being fun and morale-boosting, such outings can aid team building by helping workers from different levels bond and better understand the company culture.

Make Your Remote Employees Feel Valued

While all the above recommendations are excellent ideas for rewarding remote employees, not all are suitable for every organization. However, one of the recommendations fits every kind of budget and organization – Gifting employees high-quality, customized apparel and accessories.

Don’t know where to get such items? Look no further than Thread Logic. We are the go-to supplier of custom embroidered clothing and accessories for teams. We offer customers only top-quality products from reputable brands, and we can personalize your selected items with any embroidery design you choose.

If you need help picking items to customize and gift your remote workers, our friendly experts can guide you toward the best choice for your budget and goals. Check out verified reviews from our happy customers and contact us to discuss your custom gift needs.

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