How Long Does Embroidery Take

Getting apparel or other merch custom embroidered takes time, but when you’re planning a trade show, new uniforms, or a company wide gift, you need to know how long it takes. At Thread Logic, you can expect all your orders to ship within 10 days. 

But we’re a little unique with our flat order time. Other companies might change their order wait time based on a few variables. 

Embroidery Times Change Depending On A Few Factors

Size of Order

The bigger the order, the longer it will take to embroider. Most embroidery machines can embroider between 500 - 1000 stitches per minute, and the most items you’re embroidering, the more stitches the machine makes. 

At Thread Logic, all our orders ship in 10 days, regardless of size. However, if you choose Rush Production, to get your order in only 6 days, bigger orders between 26 and 59 pieces cost $90, while smaller orders have a lesser fee of only $75. This is because in order to do a larger order that fast, we have to have more machines running. 

Item of Apparel

Certain items of apparel are more complicated and take longer to embroider than others. The size, shape, orientation of the embroidery, and type of fabric all impact who easy a piece of apparel will be to embroider. 

Flat apparel, like t-shirts, with tightly woven fabric, with fibers that run both horizontally and vertically, make for fairly easy embroidery bases. Products with more angles and thicker fabric, like hats and bags, are generally a little harder to embroider, and take slightly longer. The good news is, that regardless of the item of apparel, Thread Logic will ship your order in 10 days. 

Size of Logo

The bigger the logo, the more time it takes to embroider. This makes sense, because the bigger the logo, the more stitches the machine has to make. (Good thing Thread Logic doesn’t price on stitch count - all our products come with free logo embroidery!)

The bigger the logo, the more elements, and the more colors it has, the more the machine will have to stop and work. It will take much longer to embroider a 15,000 stitch logo with 12 different colors than a simple 8,000 stitch logo in one color. 

How long does it take on average?

On average, with the quality of work and quantity of orders we get, Thread Logic can produce any order of any size within 10 days. It will be gorgeously embroidered, packed up, and ready to ship to your door. If you need your order sooner, you’re welcome to select Rush Production, and we are able to prioritize your order and get it to you in 6 days. Check out our full range of Thread Logic apparel, and start your embroidery process today! 

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