How to Bleach White Clothes with Embroidery

Accidents happen! Bleach can fix them, but only in some circumstances. It gets tricky when there’s an amazing piece of embroidery on the clothing you want to bleach. Don’t fret! There’s ways to still bleach your clothes without ruining your embroidered piece. 

Bleaching your embroidered garment without consideration for that embroidery could lead to color leaching into the white shirt, popped threads, and more. We’ll tell you below how to get the most out of your logo embroidered apparel.

Test Your Bleach

The first thing you want to do is test your bleach! You want to make sure your bleach isn’t going to ruin your entire garment. It’s recommended that you add 2 teaspoons of bleach to ¼ cup water and apply a drop of the solution to a hidden part of the item. Wait a minute, then blot dry. If there’s no change, the item is ready to be cleaned.

Spot Removers

Before you dunk the whole item into bleach, try a spot remover for those little spots you want to remove. Clorox has a bleach pen that works great. There are other options that can help, but bleach will limit the amount of time it takes to wash.

Use Tape

This may not protect the white as well as possible, but it can prevent the embroidery from losing it’s color. Take a piece of clean fabric, and tape it over the embroidered logo before washing the shirt in bleach. This will also help the embroidery from breaking from the bleach.

Use a Cold Setting and Delicate Wash

Color + hot water = Running colors! We want to prevent this as much as possible. Limit wear and tear on any of your embroidered pieces by washing them in cold water on a delicate cycle. The cold water still gets your clothes clean, but is much less harsh, meaning you can keep your clothes for longer. The delicate cycle helps to reduce pressure on the embroidery, helping it stay for longer.

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