Top 10 Custom Beanies for Your Team

Unlike trucker caps and cowboy hats, beanies are brimless and made of a thick, stretchy fabric that keeps your head and ears warm during cold weather. Besides providing warmth, beanies are fashionable and pair well with a wide variety of cold-weather clothing. You can also enhance the beauty of a beanie by customizing it with embroidery.

Do you need help finding the most comfortable and best-looking hats for making custom beanies to gift your customers or team? If so, our compilation of the best custom beanies to buy and embroider has you covered.

Best Custom Beanies for Your Business Logo

The best beanies for custom embroidery feature a durable fabric that can retain its shape for a long time. The material will ensure that your embroidered business logo will not become disfigured after washing, drying, stretching, or crumpling the cap.

The best custom beanies for your business logo will also be a color that represents your brand and complements the embroidery. Here are the top ten custom beanies that offer these features and more:

Port & Company Knit Cap

The Port & Company Knit Cap is a top-quality beanie made from 100% acrylic, which is water-resistant for superior protection in cold, wet weather. The beanie also has a three-inch folding cuff that goes over your ears to provide warmth.

The Port & Company Knit Cap is one-size-fits-all, but you can get it in several appealing colors, including red, orange, and royal blue. Since the fabric of the beanie is so thick, complicated embroidery can go on it without tearing the hat. Get the Port & Company Knit Cap today in a color that matches your brand.

Carhartt Watch Cap 2.0

The Carhartt Watch Cap 2.0 is a high-quality beanie made of 100% acrylic rib knit. The rib-knit fabric is durable and stretchy but soft and cozy on your scalp. It provides impressive warmth for the head and ears during harsh winter months, and during the less chilly months, you can still wear the Carhartt Watch Cap 2.0 for outdoor adventures.

Since the cap is one-size-fits-all, you can avoid the hassle of buying multiple sizes when you need custom beanies embroidered for your team. You can also get the hat in cool brand-compatible colors like black, grey, brown, sandstone, and lime.

Port & Company Beanie Cap

The Port & Company Beanie Cap is a super affordable beanie for men who want a comfy yet stylish outdoor headgear. The 100% acrylic fabric is soft and retains color, meaning you don’t have to worry about the hat fading after several washes. The stretchy material also provides a comfortable one-size-matches-all fit. However, the Port & Company Beanie Cap does not have a cuff for ear protection, and you can get it in only white, black, or blue.

New Era Colorblock Cuffed Beanie

The New Era Colorblock Cuffed Beanie takes comfort to the next level with a 100% polyester fleece lining inside and a 100% acrylic shell on the outside. The acrylic shell offers water resistance, while the polyester fleece interior is light and silky on the scalp.

The thick gauge cuff of the beanie protects the ears and provides a lovely place to embroider your brand name or logo. Lastly, the pompom at the top adds style to the cap, and you can get the beanie in grey with a red, blue, or black cuff and pompom.

Sportsman Sherpa Lined 12" Knit

The mid-priced Sportsman Sherpa Lined 12" Knit hat is a top-selling beanie for its attractive price and several other reasons. The minimalistic design is simple yet stylish, and the 100% polyester sherpa lining makes the hat warm and comfortable to wear in various weathers.

The Sportsman Sherpa is also so durable that it will provide comfort and retain its shape and color for several years. Black, grey, and navy blue versions of the hat are available, and you can embroider your logo, slogan, or name on the cuff with your preferred design.

Sportsman Jersey-Lined 12" Knit

The Sportsman Jersey-Lined 12" Knit is a favorite among businesses looking for the best custom beanies for employees. The hat is reasonably priced, and the subtle design pairs well with most outfits.

The 100% acrylic fabric and jersey-lined interior offer added wrinkle resistance, durability, softness, and elasticity. You can get the one-size-fits-all hat in black or grey and embroider your preferred design on the thick cuff.

New Era On-Field Knit Beanie

The New Era On-Field Knit Beanie is the go-to choice for shoppers who want a less plain-looking beanie for custom embroidery. The hat features an attractive, multi-colored design that looks lovely on men and women.

The beanie is 100% polyester with a 90/10 polyester/wool lining on the inside for optimal breathability and warmth. The shape and color retention of the hat is also impressive. Lastly, the thick cuff feels comfortable against the head and ears and provides a suitable canvas for complicated or simple embroidery stitching.

The North Face Mountain Beanie

North Face products are famous for their industry-leading quality, and the North Face Mountain Beanie is no different. The hat is slightly pricey, but it justifies its price tag with its eco-friendly fabric made from recycled 50% polyester and 50% polyester fleece. The beanie also has a fleece liner on the inside that prevents chafing.

The hat has the North Face logo woven into the corner, but there’s more than enough space to embroider your brand logo or name. You can also get the North Face Mountain Beanie in several attractive colors like red, olive green, white, tan, and asphalt grey.

Sportsman Fleece Lined 12" Knit

The Sportsman Fleece Lined 12" Knit is a premium unisex hat that pairs well with various casual outdoor clothing. The hat has a fleece lining sewn into the cuff to keep the head and ears cozy when it is cold, and the 100% acrylic knit fabric is resilient enough to retain its original shape and color after washing or stretching. Even though the hat is premium, its price is wallet-friendly, especially if buying in bulk to make custom embroidered beanies for your team.

New Era Speckled Beanie

The New Era Speckled Beanie is a fashionable brimless hat that looks good on men and women. The hat is available in four colors (navy blue, royal blue, black, and grey) with subtle speckles that add character to the design. Even though the beanie does not have a lined cuff, it is still a stylish and comfortable way to keep your head and ears warm, thanks to its premium acrylic fabric.

Shop for Custom Beanies Embroidered to Promote Your Brand

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