Top 10 Custom Backpacks for Your Team

Whether you are a student, hiker, worker, hunter, or soldier, a backpack provides a convenient way to carry the things you need when going out. The right backpack can even double as a fashion accessory that complements your outfit.

Since backpacks have several benefits, they are an excellent choice if you want to make custom gifts for your team, customers, or event attendees. The most effective way to customize a backpack is with embroidery. If you need help finding high-quality backpacks for embroidery, keep reading to discover the best custom backpacks.

Backpacks or Cinch Bags – Why You Should Opt for the Backpack

Before delving into the best products for making company-branded backpacks, we should clarify the difference between backpacks and cinch bags. A cinch bag is a sack-like bag with a drawstring. You can cinch the drawstring to close the bag, hence the name cinch bag.

A cinch bag will suffice if you need a simple bag for carrying a few light items, such as clothing, shoes, or books. However, if you want a more comfortable and secure bag, you are better off with a backpack. Below are some of the features of backpacks that make them better than cinch bags.

  • Compartments: Most backpacks have several compartments for storing different items. The compartments are typically on the inside and outside, providing more storage space and a neat way to store items in the bag without mixing them up.
  • Harness: Backpacks feature convenient slings for carrying the bag on your shoulders. The best backpacks have padded slings that prevent chafing and other discomforts while carrying heavy loads on your back.
  • Zipper Lock: Unlike cinch bags that rely on a drawstring for keeping the bag closed, backpacks feature secure zippers. Some backpacks also have zippers that you can secure with a padlock for extra security.
  • Padded Inside: You can find backpacks with padded insides that protect laptops and other fragile content from impact if you drop the bag. Cinch bags are typically nylon or cloth bags that cannot protect the contents from impact.

Best Custom Backpacks for Your Business Logo

Here are the best products for making a custom embroidered backpack:

OGIO Logan Pack

The OGIO Logan Pack is a versatile backpack suitable for students and workers. The bag features a 600D poly material body that can carry even the most complicated embroidery stitching. Besides being embroidery-friendly, the bag’s material is durable enough to withstand wear and tear from regular use.

The inside of the bag is large and secure enough to carry various items. It even has a padded section for fragile properties, such as laptops. On the outside, the bag has multiple pockets for more items, including side pouches for water bottles. You can get the OGIO Logan Pack in black, blue, pink, or orange and have your brand logo or name embroidered on the front.

The North Face Groundwork Backpack

The North Face Groundwork Backpack is among the best options for making custom logo backpacks for work teams. The bag features comfortable straps that allow you to carry heavy luggage without chafing your shoulders and a mesh back that keeps your backside cool during long walks with the backpack.

The inside of the bag has several compartments, including a padded sleeve for holding and protecting 15-inch laptops. It also has a padded bottom that will protect your bag’s contents if you accidentally drop it on its base. You can get the bag in one of five colors and stitch your embroidery above the North Face logo on the front.

The North Face Connector Backpack

The North Face Connector is slightly smaller and costs less than the Groundwork Backpack. It has a padded sleeve that can hold 12-inch laptops and other compartments for other items. On the outside, the bag has a minimalistic yet attractive design and a 1200D polyester shell.

The high-quality polyester shell is wear and tear-resistant and provides some water protection to shield the bag’s contents if you get caught in the rain. Each opening on the backpack has a sturdy zipper, and you also get adjustable, padded straps for carrying the bag. While the bag has the North Face logo on the front, it still has enough room to embroider your brand name or logo.

Port Authority Circuit Backpack

The Port Authority Circuit Backpack is the preferred bag among shoppers who want an affordable custom embroidered backpack. The 600D poly canvas bag can carry most 15-inch laptops and many other essentials you take with you when going out.

The blank front of the bag makes it the perfect canvas for large and complex embroideries to promote your brand or upcoming event. Since it’s affordable and practical, the Port Authority Circuit Backpack is also a great option for gifting customers or event attendees.

OGIO Stratagem Pack

The OGIO Stratagem Pack is a sleek-looking backpack that anyone would love to own. From afar, it looks like a black leather bag, but its shell is actually 1680D polyester – a heavy-duty textured fabric with a shiny surface. The material is highly weather- and wear-resistant, making it an excellent choice if you want a durable product that can keep its contents safe.

The resilience and padding on the bag make it ideal for storing various electronics and fragile items, including 17-inch laptops. The outside of the bag also has several small and large zippered pockets for storing various items. If you prefer, you can carry the bag on your back with its mesh-lined straps or swing it like a suitcase with the padded, ergonomic handle on the top.

Port Authority Cotton Canvas Backpack

If you want to make a custom embroidered backpack for workers, the Port Authority Cotton Canvas Backpack could be what you need. The mid-priced bag has a tough canvas shell that can protect its contents from the elements.

You can get the backpack in dark grey or brown, and the minimalistic exterior is stylish with only one extra pocket on the front. The canvas material is perfect for custom embroidery, and most 15-inch laptops can fit into the bag.

Cotopaxi Batac Backpack

The Cotopaxi Batac Backpack is a highly recommended bag for hikers and other outdoorsy folks. The colorful bag has a large main zippered compartment that can hold clothes, gear, and other items. It also has a zippered front pocket for storing your phone or anything else you would like to be able to quickly and easily reach.

Even better is the bag’s interior hydration sleeve for convenient access to water while hiking or climbing. If eco-friendliness is important to you, you will also love that the Cotopaxi Batac Backpack’s nylon shell consists of 100% repurposed materials.

OGIO Bullion Pack

The OGIO Bullion Pack is a good-looking bag that will fit into the lifestyle of anyone who is frequently on the go. The bag has three compartments. The largest one is big enough to hold most 17-inch laptops. The front of the bag has another smaller compartment, and each compartment has sturdy zips that you can further secure with a padlock.

The 420D dobby polyester shell is rugged and easy to clean. It is also water-resistant to protect electronics and other items inside the bag. Depending on your embroidery design, you can get the OGIO Bullion Pack in black or white and black.

Carhartt Canvas Backpack

The Carhartt Canvas Backpack is a simple yet stylish bag that comes in brown, grey, blue, and black. The body of the bag is a rugged canvas shell that won’t fade or lose its shape for a long time.

On the side of the bag is a mesh side pocket and on the inside is the main compartment with an elastic pocket for securing items you don’t want sliding around. While the bag already has the Carhartt logo on the front, you still have room for custom embroidery on the front bottom pouch.

DRI DUCK 20L Essential Backpack

The DRI DUCK 20L Essential Backpack may not look exciting, but you can count on it to retain its look and functionality after years of use. The bag’s durability is thanks to its fade, pill, and water-resistant 100% waxed cotton canvas shell.

Inside the bag are tablet pockets and a padded laptop pocket that can hold a 17-inch device. For other items, you can use the front pocket or one of the two side pockets. There’s also a hidden zippered compartment in the backside.

Get a Bargain on the Best Custom Backpacks

At Thread Logic, we offer quantity discounts on custom logo backpacks when your order exceeds specific amounts. Besides offering a bargain, we simplify buying and embroidering custom apparel and gear for teams and friends. All you need to do is pick the items you would like to embroider, provide us with your embroidery design, and we will take care of the rest.

Check out our process and contact us to order as many custom embroidered backpacks as you need.

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