The Jacket Buying Guide

Sleek, attractive outerwear can make or break your style and comfortability when the weather gets cool. From staying dry in the spring to keeping warm in the winter, not all jackets are made the same. If you’re wondering which type of jacket you need, here's a guide that provides you essential information. 

How to Find the Right Jacket Fit

Even the highest-quality, most expensive jackets can look bad if they’re poorly fitting. When first trying to find the right jacket fit, take your body type into consideration. Whether a springtime jacket or a heavy winter coat, you should have enough space in all of the right places to make sure you’re not hindered by excess fabric or a too-tight fit. 

The right jacket should have its seams lined up directly with the boniest part of your shoulder for the greatest comfort across the chest and back. Sleeves should go a little bit past your wrist, to the first thumb of your knuckle. Lastly, jacket length should be long enough to provide some protection to your hips (although this is personal preference and may depend on the level of protection you desire).

Different Jacket Styles

There are a ton of different jacket styles serving many different purposes. From warm soft shells that will keep you cozy on the ski hill to lightweight rain jackets that are perfect for springtime walks, let’s take a look at some of the more popular options available.


Fleece Jacket

These lightweight, casual jackets are made of a synthetic material, usually polyester, and keep you cozy on a cool day. Fleece is puffier and softer to the touch, mimicking sheep’s wool, making them a great option for those that like to maximize their comfort.

Soft Shell

Soft Shell Jacket

Soft shell jackets are made from a woven material that’s more waterproof than fleece although doesn’t provide as much protection from the elements as the next step up, hard shell jackets. They provide the best of both worlds – water resistance with great breathability. However, these aren’t the best option for extended time spent in below-freezing weather.


Lightweight Jacket

Lightweight jackets, also known as windbreakers or raincoats, are thin jackets designed for spring. They’re great when there is a chill in the air, light rain or blustery wind, thanks to their synthetic, single-layer construction that provides more protection than a sweatshirt.


Insulated Jackets

Insulated jackets will provide the most warmth because of the extra interior filling. This insulated material, usually made of down or polyester, traps body heat inside while blocking cold air from penetrating the outer shell.

Winter Jackets vs Spring Jackets 

When it comes to jackets, not all styles are created equal. Some provide enough protection for below-zero weather, while others provide just enough to keep you protected from a cool breeze. So, what exactly is the difference between a winter jacket and a spring jacket?

Winter Jackets

Winter jackets are used when cold weather comes about. They normally provide water resistance and are constructed of more than a single layer so you can go outside during low temperatures, biting winds and inches of snow. For a day skiing, sledding or snowshoeing, there’s no other choice if you want to stay safe when it drops below freezing.

Spring Jackets

Spring jackets are much more lightweight compared to their winter-specific counterparts. They provide an amount of protection against light rain and moderate temperatures. One of the best parts of wearing a spring jacket, however, is the style they can add to your wardrobe. Transitional dressing means you can mix and match your outfit with any type of lightweight jacket, from denim to suede to Gore-Tex and so much more.

Our Favorite Embroidered Jackets

When it comes to our favorite embroidered jackets, there are a ton of options that serve both your stylish and sensible sides. Embroidered jackets are a great way to incorporate your company’s logo or personal branding into your wardrobe, while providing protection from the elements to boot. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite embroidered jacket styles that you should consider trying.


Keep your team warm and cozy this year with an embroidered fleece. Perfect for any outdoor winter event, client swag bag or simply everyday use, fleece jackets are as versatile as they are fashionable. Make sure you and your company stay in style when the weather dips with an embroidered fleece jacket!


For those that prefer a lightweight jacket alternative, consider a windbreaker. These will keep you and your team comfortable rain or shine. Pick up a quality embroidered windbreaker today to be prepared to show off your company at your upcoming springtime events.


When winter rolls around, don’t be caught out in the cold – try an insulated jacket to show off your logo while keeping you and your employees warm. With these, you can host your next outdoor holiday party, a corporate ski party or just a special get together in the cold months for some snow-filled fun.

Jackets for every company and every occasion

Are you searching for high-quality embroidered jackets? Take a look at the many options from Thread Logic. We offer a variety of embroidered jackets, from windbreakers to fleece to soft shell and much more. Visit our online store today to get started with your order.

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