Hat Buying Guide - How to Buy a Custom Hat

In the never ending list of accessories that have become prominent over the years, hats have truly stood the test of time. Initially invented in 3200BC for sun protection, hats have grown and shifted for multiple purposes in many cultures over the years. From sun protection to temperature regulation, hats have been proven to have many health benefits. With all the options available, choosing the perfect hat can seem like a daunting task at first. In this guide, we’ll cover different options and take you through the process to purchase your perfect hat.

How to Find the Right Hat Fit

Finding the right hat comes down to a few elements: function, design, and overall style. Different styles of hats vary in fabric, structure, and can be suited to different temperatures. The right hat comes down to a few simple questions: Where do you plan on wearing the hat? What is the weather going to be like? What features suit your needs best? We’ll highlight a few of the most common options below.

Different Hat Styles

Here are a few of the most common styles of hats and an overview of how they work.

Baseball Caps

New Era Interception Cap


Baseball caps are one of the most common types of hat. As its name suggests, the baseball cap was first used by baseball players in the 1840s. Originally intended to shield the eyes from the sun and dusty air, baseball caps have continued to be an integral part of many sport’s uniforms and the general population today. These types of hats are most commonly used in warmer months as they protect the eyes and scalp from the hot sun. These hats are made up of a few parts: an adjuster at the base of the scalp, the fabric base that covers the head, and a bill usually made of plastic or cardboard that covers the forehead. Baseball caps are typically used for sporting events, outdoor activities, and general everyday use.

Trucker Hats

Carhartt Rugged Professional Series Cap

A trucker hat is a common variation of the baseball cap. Hats by truckers used to resemble a peak cap, though the latter half of the 20th century saw a new style of trucker hat resembling the baseball cap became much more popular. First invented in the 1970s, trucker hats take the traditional form of a baseball cap but also feature mesh fabric on the sides. The mesh allows more air to circulate through the hat, creating a more cooling sensation. The trucker cap is a common identifier of truckers, though its use has become more popular with the general population in recent years.

Fitted Caps

Flexfit V-Flex Twill Cap

Fitted caps are another common variation of a baseball cap. The structure of the fitted cap is essentially the same as a baseball cap with one key difference: the lack of an adjuster. Fitted caps are more inflexible that the typical baseball cap, creating a stiffer appearance. These hats tend to have a higher profile, meaning they tend to sit higher on the head than a traditional cap. Fitted caps are a great option for those who would prefer a hat with a flatter brim that sits more prominently on the head.


Nike Dri-FIT Team Performance Visor

Visors have the same structure as a typical baseball cap without the fabric base. A visor tends to have an adjuster in the back, allowing for a more fitted feel. These hats tend to focus on sun protection, leaving the top of the head bare. Visors are commonly used in various summer sports such as golf and tennis. These can be a great option for those who may not want the full constriction of a traditional hat but still need the benefits of sun protection from the eyes.


CAP AMERICA USA-Made 8 1/2" Beanie

Beanies are hats that are typically used for the cooler months. Beanies have been around since the early 1900s and were named after “bean” which was a slang word for head at the time. They are typically made from a variety of fabrics with common options including fleece, knitted yarn, and wool. Beanies are designed to cover the scalp, forehead, and ears which makes them perfect for braving a cold day. Beanies are typically assembled in one piece and can be pulled down to different lengths depending on how much coverage the user needs. Beanies are great options for protecting the head outdoors and are also commonly used as an accessory to outfits year round.

Winter Hats vs Sun Hats

The design of a hat greatly depends on the season it is designed for. Hats are designed to protect the head and face. Certain models aid in the blockage of harmful UV rays of the sun and others prevent the ears and forehead from freezing in harsh, cold temperatures. Here is a breakdown of the key differences between hats designed for winter and summer.

Winter Hats

Winter hats are designed to conserve warmth. Typically made from knitting, wool, or even fur, these hats use denser fabric to shield the head from exposure to cold temperatures or high speed wind. Common styles of winter hats include the beanie, knit hats with additional elements such as ear flaps or pom poms, and hunting hats with prominent ear flaps. These hats are typically thicker than a summer hat and are designed to be substantial in the face of cool winds.

Sun Hats

Sun hats, unlike winter hats, are designed to wick away warmth and excessive sunlight. Prolonged exposure to the brightness of the sun can lead to eye and skin damage. The first hats that originated from ancient cultures around the globe were sun hats. Many of the most common types of hats we discussed earlier, such as the baseball cap, can be considered sun hats. Other common styles include the traditional sun hat, which has a brim that circles around the entire head. These hats are typically made of wicker or more lightweight fabrics such as nylon or polyester.

Our Favorite Embroidered Hats

Here are a few of our top choices for hats that can be personally customized through Thread Logic’s quick and easy ordering process.

Snapback Trucker Hat - Port Authority

Port Authority Snapback Trucker Cap

The Port Authority Snapback Trucker Hat is designed like a trucker hat. With fifteen different color options and mesh sides, this cap is a perfect option for a stylish summer day.

Flat Bill Snapback Cap - New Era

New Era Standard Fit Flat Bill Snapback Cap

Our New Era Flat Bill Snapback Cap is a perfect example of the fitted cap we talked about in the earlier review. It’s cotton blend and fitted shape make for a comfortable and stylish fit. This cap is perfect for those who prefer the look of a flat bill and a taller profile.

Watch Cap 2.0 - Carhartt

Carhartt Watch Cap 2.0

Our Carhartt Watch Cap 2.0 is a great choice for when the weather begins to cool down. Featuring a variety of color options and a rib knit fabric, this hat is perfect for winter.

Hats for every occasion and every event!

Hats are a very unique accessory, with equal parts function and fashion. Hats can be used for a variety of sports, a work uniform, or even everyday life. Thread Logic’s variety of shapes and styles available for customization provide an easy way to purchase the perfect hat for you. Whether you plan to hit the beach this summer or need to brave the winds of the winter, a Thread Logic custom hat will be with you every step of the way.

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