Our Favorite Embroidered Tote Bags for Summer Swag Bags

Our Favorite Embroidered Tote Bags for Summer Swag Bags

Tote bags can be classy, depending on what you wear with them and the bag’s design. However, nothing beats a custom embroidered tote bag if you want an accessory that catches the eyes of passersby.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, embroidered totes are highly functional. You can use them for work, running chores, or get a stylish one to pair with chic clothing. Also, since tote bags are so spacious, they can carry more items than most bags.

Why Tote Bags?

Tote bags have a special place in our hearts because they are highly versatile. You can take them grocery shopping to carry your items and say goodbye to the single-use plastic bags killing our planet. Alternatively, use a tote bag as your everyday handbag. You can easily carry it thanks to long handles that you can comfortably hold in your hand or sling over your shoulder or elbow.

Lastly, tote bags come in various designs and colors, simplifying finding one that matches your style. Even better, you can easily customize a tote bag by embroidering your preferred design on its front.

Are Tote Bags Eco-Friendly?

You can get tote bags made from eco-friendly materials like hemp or organic cotton. Besides featuring organic materials, tote bags are eco-friendly because they can replace single-use plastic bags for shopping. Instead of relying on harmful plastic bags, you can take the same tote bag grocery shopping for years. It’s also sturdier than paper bags.

Our Favorite Tote Bags for 2023

Where can you find the best totes? Here are our favorite products for making custom embroidered tote bags that are attractive and functional.

Port Authority Two Tone Shopping Tote

You can take the Port Authority Two Tone Shopping Tote to the beach, picnics, library, store, or anywhere else this summer. The light color complements various outfits, and the handle keeps it easy to carry. Also, the bag’s depth and width give you enough room to carry various items with ease. Lastly, the reinforced canvas bottom means you don’t have to worry about the bag’s bottom tearing during use.

Port Authority All Purpose Tote Bag

The Port Authority All Purpose Tote Bag is a workhorse that simplifies going out this summer with everything you need. Unlike traditional tote bags, this Port Authority product has a zippered top to protect the contents of your bag. Since it’s easy to wash, maintaining the bag is hassle-free, and you don’t have to worry about its color fading. The 600 Denier polyester material is also highly resilient.

OGIO Downtown Tote

Do you want a fancy tote bag for your summer job or running errands? You can’t go wrong with the OGIO Downtown Tote. The attractive bag has internal and external pockets for carrying items of various sizes. It also has a padded interior for carrying laptops and other fragile items.

Lastly, the OGIO Downtown Tote is one of the best products for custom embroidered tote bags because the resilient material can take complex stitching without tearing. The 300D poly two-tone twill material also offers some water resistance to keep stored items dry if it rains.

Liberty Bags Jennifer Cotton Canvas Tote

The Liberty Bags Jennifer Cotton Canvas Tote has long handles that you can comfortably sling over your elbow or shoulder. The bag itself features a cream-colored cotton canvas material that is durable and versatile enough to pair with most outfits. Since the bag is affordable, it’s an excellent option for gifting your team customized summer swag without breaking the bank.

Our Favorite Convertible Totes

Do you want custom embroidered tote bags that you can adapt to match your changing needs? If so, try one of these convertible totes.

Port Authority Access Convertible Tote

The Port Authority Access Convertible Tote is a deep bag that offers lots of storage space, including exterior pockets for your books, keys, and more. You can use it as a handbag or backpack, and the resilient 600D poly canvas will shield your stored items from the elements. We also love the bag’s two-tone color, which sets it apart from other summer totes.

MERCER+METTLE Convertible Tote

The MERCER+METTLE Convertible Tote is a Transformer in disguise. Without adjustments, you can carry it like a regular tote bag or wear it like a backpack, making it perfect for any summer outing. The highly durable bag is also stylish, meaning you can take it anywhere without feeling out of place.

There’s a zippered pocket on the outside for carrying smaller items. Inside the bag, you’ll find lots of room for books, laptops, clothes, stationery, and more. The bag also has a reinforced and padded bottom to protect the bag’s contents while you are on the move or indoors.

Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Totes

Are you looking for a tote bag that can help you reduce your carbon footprint? Here are our favorite eco-friendly totes.

econscious 6.8 oz. Hemp Market Tote

It doesn’t get environmentally friendlier than the econscious 6.8 oz. Hemp Market Tote. The tote bag’s material is a blend of hemp and organic cotton. You can reuse the bag for grocery shopping, eliminating the need for disposable plastic bags.

Besides shopping, you can use the bag for various other outings because it is sturdy and attractive. Also, the bag is available in blue, black, charcoal, beige, and olive green, so you can pick one that fits your embroidery design.

econscious Organic Cotton Canvas Market Tote

The econscious Organic Cotton Canvas Market Tote is another lovely eco-friendly bag. It features a 100% cotton material that is sturdy and easy to clean. The inside is large enough to serve various purposes, and you get 24-inch long handles for shouldering the bag. The spaciousness, aesthetics, and convenient handles make the bag an ideal customized summer swag gift for friends, clients, or team members.

Our Favorite Utility Totes

Utility tote bags are the way to go if you are blue-collar or want a tote bag built for a busy lifestyle. Here are your best options for custom embroidered tote bags.

Carhartt Utility Tote

If your summer is for working outdoors, carry your tools, lunch, and everything else you need in the Carhartt Utility Tote. It is a highly functional tote bag with over 20 interior and exterior compartments for carrying various items – That’s not counting the spacious main compartment.

The bag also comes with sturdy padded handles for convenient carrying and other details that make it the perfect worker’s bag. You can get it in brown or black and customize it with your brand name or logo embroidered on the front.

Carhartt Foundry Series 14” Tool Bag

The Carhartt Foundry Series Tool Bag shares many features with the Carhartt Utility Tote, but the Foundry Series Tool Bag is slightly larger. It also has more color options (brown, grey, and black) and a sturdier build. The sturdiness comes from its interior metal frame that protects the bag’s contents and simplifies getting into the bag. The tote’s build quality and ruggedness make it ideal for workers who want something comfortable, versatile, and reliable for summer jobs.

Create a Custom Embroidered Tote for Your Team Today!

Thread Logic has you covered if you want custom embroidered tote bags that will wow your team this summer. We offer tote bags for different styles and budgets, and ordering custom embroidery with us is easy and free. Simply select tote bags from our stock and add them to your cart. Upload your embroidery design, checkout, and we’ll take care of the rest, including delivering your order to your doorstep.

Contact us today to discuss your custom embroidered tote bag needs with one of our friendly experts.

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