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‘47 Brand vs. New Era Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are excellent for accessorizing, keeping the sun off your face, hiding a bad hair day, or supporting your home team. Among all the baseball hat brands, ’47 Brand and New Era lead the pack when it comes to quality and comfort.

'47 Brand is a Boston establishment with over seven decades of experience making beloved baseball hats. The brand’s partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB) means you can get official baseball hats of your favorite teams from ’47 Brand. Besides MLB hats, ’47 Brand has licenses to make caps for the NFL, NHL, NBA, and other leagues.

New Era, on the other hand, is a New York-based brand that’s even older than the ’47 Brand. It’s the maker of the MLB’s official on-field cap, the NFL’s official sideline cap, and the NBA’s official on-court cap. These qualifications make ’47 Brand and New Era your best choices for getting baseball hats that are as awesome as the ones your favorite athletes wear.

’47 Brand vs. New Era – which should you choose? Below are all the details you need to pick a brand for your baseball hats.

‘47 Brand Baseball Caps

‘47 Brand baseball hats are typically one-size-fits-all and have a looser fit, making them ideal for people who prefer roomier hats. Since hats from the brand have adjustable closures on the back, you can modify the fit to suit your needs.

Also, ‘47 Brand baseball hats have a more classic and vintage look with a shorter brim than what you’ll find on other hats. Another distinctive feature is ‘47 Brand builds most of its hats with cotton or cotton-blended materials. The material keeps ‘47 Brand baseball hats breathable, so your head stays cool while you play.

Our Favorite ‘47 Brand Baseball Caps

‘47 Brand has several baseball caps, and here are two of its most beloved products.

'47 Brand Clean Up Cap

'47 Brand Clean Up Cap

The '47 Brand Clean Up Cap features a high-quality cotton material and a curved bill. The simple yet tasteful hat is built to last and perfect for custom embroidery if you want to make a team hat. It’s unisex, and you can get it in several attractive colors. Also, it has an adjustable buckle clasp on the back for tightening or loosening the fit to suit your needs.

'47 Brand Trawler Cap

'47 Brand Trawler Cap

You can wear the '47 Brand Trawler Cap to the game or your next hunting or fishing trip. The hat’s mesh back facilitates maximum ventilation beneath it to keep your head cool. The cotton front panel provides an excellent canvas for customizing the hat with your preferred embroidery design. Also, since the '47 Brand Trawler Cap is one-size-fits-all and available in 10+ colors, you won’t have trouble finding one that perfectly fits your needs.

New Era Baseball Caps

Despite being the older brand, New Era baseball hats have a more modern look and design. The hats typically have a higher profile but snugger fit than ’47 Brand caps. Also, unlike ’47 Brand caps, New Era makes its hats in various sizes, allowing you to get one built to fit your specific head size.

Also, New Era builds its hats primarily with polyester materials. While polyester is not as breathable as cotton, it is more durable and fade-resistant. Lastly, most New Era baseball caps have a structured build, meaning the hat can retain its shape for years if you don’t repeatedly wring or scrunch it.

Our Favorite New Era Baseball Caps

Below are some of the best New Era baseball caps you can get for yourself or your team.

New Era Diamond Era Stretch Cap


The New Era Diamond Era Stretch Cap features a soft polyester diamond era jacquard fabric that prevents chafing. The fabric is also stretchy and durable, allowing you to enjoy the hat for a long time without it losing its fit or shape. You can get the hat in sizes ranging from small to XL, and the mid-profile visor provides sufficient sun protection.

New Era Snapback Trucker Cap


The New Era Snapback Trucker Cap is cotton at the front and polyester mesh at the back to keep your head cool at all times. You can get it in various attractive colors, including camouflage patterns. Also, the hat’s curved bill offers impressive protection against the sun and other elements.

‘47 Brand vs. New Era Baseball Caps: Which is Right for You?

The correct answer to who wins the ‘47 Brand vs. New Era contest will depend on your unique needs. For example, if you want to save money, ‘47 Brand baseball hats cost slightly less than New Era hats.

On the other hand, New Era hats are a better option if you want a trendier or more modern style baseball hat with a snugger fit. Is your head on the bigger side, or do you want to avoid the hassle of shopping for various sizes for your team? If so, buying ‘47 Brand baseball hats is a safer bet because they are one-size-fits-all.

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In summary, hats from both brands are high-quality, and the right one to choose will depend on your budget and style preferences. Also, hats from the two brands are available in various colors, ensuring you can get a cap that matches your aesthetic preferences.

Hit a Homerun with ‘47 Brand and New Era Baseball Caps

So, which brand did you pick after our ‘47 Brand vs. New Era matchup? Whichever brand won, you can shop for their hats at Thread Logic and get them custom embroidered for free. Since we don’t have a minimum order policy, you can order one or more ‘47 Brand and New Era baseball hats at our store.

Alternatively, snag a bargain by taking advantage of our quantity discount. You can mix and match various hat colors and styles to reach the amount required to activate the discount. Do you need more information before placing your order? Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly experts.

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