Embroidered Patagonia Alternatives

Embroidered Patagonia Alternatives For Every Budget

When Patagonia's iconic logo starts to pop up on the streets and trails, you know adventure is afoot. The brand has become synonymous with rugged outdoor gear and sustainable fashion choices. But what happens when you want to take that Patagonia piece and custom embroider your logo on it?

The struggle is real.

But fear not! We've scoured the realms of custom embroidered apparel to bring you an array of Patagonia alternatives that not only match the spirit of the brand but also let you add that personal touch.

What Brands Are Good Alternatives to Patagonia?

We've handpicked a trio of brands that shine brightly as alternatives to Patagonia, ready to display your custom embroidered company logo on apparel your team will proudly wear.

Columbia: Where Performance Meets Style

The Columbia brand is a master of crafting apparel that effortlessly blends performance with style. Whether they are hiking up a trail or heading to a team social event, Columbia's offerings have got your team covered.

Their garments are engineered with innovative technologies that will keep you comfortable while embracing the great outdoors. Explore their collection for a symphony of choices that redefine adventure.

Port Authority: Your Canvas of Possibilities

Port Authority - where the canvas of clothing transforms into a masterpiece of personalization. Port Authority's range spans from corporate classics to weekend casuals, giving you the flexibility to blend work and play seamlessly.

And yes, their pieces are like blank canvases waiting for your unique touch (read, company logo) to be added. Discover their diverse collection and unleash your creativity.

Eddie Bauer: An Ode to Adventure

Eddie Bauer, a name that resonates with explorers of all kinds. With a legacy rooted in outfitting outdoor enthusiasts, this brand knows how to marry style with functionality. From sturdy outerwear to timeless classics, Eddie Bauer offers a symphony of possibilities for your next set of embroidered team apparel.

Our Favorite Patagonia Alternatives

Now, let's embark on a journey to uncover some of our favorite Patagonia alternatives. These picks mirror the features you love, while still allowing for that special embroidery that sets your piece apart.

Alternatives to the Patagonia Cotton in Conversion Lightweight Polo Shirt

Patagonia's Cotton in Conversion Lightweight Polo Shirt is the epitome of casual elegance. Now, imagine that same elegance with your custom embroidered logo. Introducing the alternatives:

Columbia UltraClub Cool & Dry Sport Polo


For those who seek the perfect blend of comfort and performance, Columbia's UltraClub Cool & Dry Sport Polo steps up. Breathable fabrics and stylish design make this polo a worthy companion for any meeting or outing.

Port Authority Silk Touch Polo Shirt with Pocket


Sometimes, the tiniest detail makes all the difference. Port Authority's Silk Touch Polo Shirt with Pocket adds that extra touch of convenience to your embroidered ensemble. Versatility meets style in this polo, featuring a flat knit collar, metal buttons, and side vents.

Eddie Bauer Performance Polo


Eddie Bauer's Performance Polo brings together classic sophistication and modern functionality. The moisture-wicking cotton/poly blend will keep your team's skin dry allowing them to step out with confidence.

Alternatives to the Patagonia Torrentshell 3L Rain Jacket

Rain jackets are more than just protection from the elements; they're a statement of preparedness. Here are the alternatives that match your dedication to staying dry:

Columbia Glennaker Lake Rain Jacket


When the skies open up, don't let the rain dampen your spirits. Columbia's Glennaker Lake Rain Jacket features hydroplus nylon and a stow-away hood. Let the waterproof fabric shield you from downpours while exuding a dash of outdoor chic.

Port Authority Northwest Slicker


Port Authority's Northwest Slicker embraces the rain with flair. Great for the cooler and wetter months, practicality and style unite in this piece. Brave the elements with 100% PU-coated polyester and the mesh-lined body.

Eddie Bauer Rain Jacket


Eddie Bauer's Rain Jacket is a tribute to those who don't shy away from a little drizzle. The highly waterproof and breathable 5K/5K fabric and detachable hood with locking drawcord are designed to withstand heavy rains and wind. With its durability and timeless design, this piece ensures your team will stay dry without compromising on style.

Alternatives to the Patagonia Nano Puff® Jacket

The Nano Puff® Jacket is the ultimate fusion of warmth and style. Let's explore alternatives that offer the same cozy comfort and room for personalization:

Columbia Tipton Peak II Insulated Jacket


When chilly winds blow, reach for Columbia's Tipton Peak II Insulated Jacket. The Omni-Tech™ waterproof/breathable critical seam seal will help protect your team from any jacket leakage on their walk in to the office. Warmth and versatility combine in this piece that's as adaptable as your team!

Port Authority Collective Insulated Jacket


Port Authority's Collective Insulated Jacket is more than just warmth; it's a canvas for your creativity. Your team will love wearing this when they are out and about. This jacket features low-bulk quilted insulation for maximum warmth, combined with flexible side panels for a contemporary look. Stay cozy while making your logo shine loud and clear.

Eddie Bauer WeatherEdge Plus Insulated Jacket


Eddie Bauer's WeatherEdge Plus Insulated Jacket isn't just about braving the cold; it's about conquering it with style. The fabric of this jacket ensures it holds up to wear and tear while still looking new! Wrap your team in warmth while proudly displaying your company logo.


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