Carhartt Alternatives to Wear to the Job Site

Carhartt Alternatives to Wear to the Job Site

Carhartt has been a go-to brand for streetwear, outdoor clothing, and work apparel since the 80s. People gravitate toward the brand because its high-quality clothes are durable yet comfortable. Clothing options you can get from Carhartt include jackets, overalls, vests, shirts, jeans, and even fire-resistant apparel.

Is Carhartt the only brand that offers such clothing? No, and in this guide, we’ll introduce you to the top alternatives to Carhartt for heavy-duty working clothes and more.

What Brands Are Good Alternatives to Carhartt?

Several other brands offer high-quality outdoor and work apparel, and some of these brands’ products cost less than Carhartt’s. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to find these alternatives to Carhartt because Thread Logic has you covered. Below are some of our favorite Carhartt alternatives for top-notch customizable work and outdoor apparel.


Columbia is famous for its outdoor and athletic clothing options, which are available for all seasons and men and women. Like Carhartt, Columbia’s clothing line gets top scores for quality, durability, and comfort. However, since Carhartt clothing has a more classic and traditional look, Columbia may be better for you if you prefer athletic and trendy clothing options.

The North Face

The North Face is another popular outdoor clothing brand with a reputation that spans decades. Apparel from the brand generally costs more than Carhartt’s, but the build quality of The North Face clothing makes the price worthwhile. Also, The North Face is an excellent alternative to Carhartt if you need clothing for extreme cold or wet weather.

DRI Duck

DRI Duck prioritizes comfort in its workwear and outdoor clothing without compromising durability and weather resistance. Like Carhartt, DRI Duck offers an impressive range of jackets, hats, bags, and shirts, and you can get them all at good value prices.

Features to Look for in Job Site Clothing

Buying clothing from a brand known for work apparel doesn’t guarantee the product will be right for your job site or crew. Pick the right work clothing for your team by looking for these features:

  • Durability: Regular clothing will quickly wear out if worn to job sites. Instead, get work clothing made from durable materials that won’t easily rip, tear, or fade, such as ripstop or polyester/cotton blend fabrics. Clothing made from such fabrics last longer, allowing you to avoid the expense of frequently replacing your crew’s uniforms.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Working outdoors means getting dirty, so provide your crew with stain-resistant uniforms that they can easily clean. Pure cotton shirts tend to retain odors and stains that don’t come out easily. A better alternative is polyester or polyester/cotton blend shirts, which are easier to clean. Alternatively, opt for clothing with stain-release technology that prevents dirt from sticking to the fabric.
  • Comfort: Uncomfortable work clothing that causes chafing and restricts movement can distract workers, reducing productivity and increasing the risk of injuries. Avoid such issues by choosing work clothes that feel soft but are still durable. Also, provide clothes in sizes that fit your team without being overly snug or baggy. Too tight clothing may impede movement, while baggy clothing may cause accidents by snagging on equipment.

Our Favorite Carhartt Alternatives

Are you looking for alternatives to specific Carhartt products? If so, below are the best alternatives to Carhartt’s top-selling items.

Alternatives to the Carhartt Watch Cap 2.0

The Carhartt Watch Cap 2.0 is an excellent beanie for keeping your head warm or accessorizing, and here are its top competitors:

Columbia Ale Creek Beanie


The Columbia Ale Creek Beanie is a loose-fitting hat made from the same acrylic material as the Carhartt Watch Cap. The Columbia beanie is just as thick as the Carhartt beanie to keep your head warm, and you can customize it with embroidery.

The North Face Mountain Beanie


The North Face Mountain Beanie is an excellent Carhartt alternative if you want a hat that looks and feels different. The beanie features a thick polyester material with a polyester fleece liner on the inside for maximum warmth, and you can get it in 10+ colors.

DRI Duck Enclave Waffle Beanie


The DRI Duck Enclave Waffle Beanie is a pricier Carhartt beanie alternative made from a similar acrylic material. You can expect the same level of comfort from this DRI Duck beanie, and you can custom embroider it to enhance its aesthetics.

Alternatives to the Carhartt Midweight Hooded Sweatshirt

The Carhartt Midweight Hooded Sweatshirt is thick and comfortable, but if you like having options, here are its top competitors:

Columbia Steens Mountain Novelty 1/2 Snap Hooded Jacket


The Columbia Steens Mountain Novelty 1/2 Snap Hooded Jacket is soft to the touch but thick enough to offer as much warmth as its Carhartt rival. Also, its unique button closure design makes it an excellent alternative to Carhartt if you prefer hoodies without drawstrings.

The North Face Pullover Hoodie


The North Face Pullover Hoodie is an inexpensive alternative that looks and feels just as good as its Carhartt counterpart. It’s also just as durable since the hoodie won’t fade or lose shape after washes.

DRI Duck Woodland Fleece Pullover


While the Carhartt hoodie looks traditional, the DRI Duck Woodland Fleece Pullover has a modern and trendy design that stands out from the crowd. You can comfortably layer with this hoodie or wear it alone thanks to its soft and breathable 80/20 cotton/polyester Power Fleece™ fabric.

Alternatives to the Carhartt Crowley Soft Shell Jacket

The Carhartt Crowley Soft Shell Jacket offers impressive protection against the elements, but here are alternatives to Carhartt that are just as good:

Columbia Grand Wall Jacket


The Columbia Grand Wall jacket looks simple but offers excellent cold and wet weather protection. Like its Carhartt counterpart, you can wear it as an everyday work jacket or take it on outdoor adventures.

The North Face Ridgewall Soft Shell Jacket


The North Face Ridgewall Soft Shell Jacket looks more stylish than its Carhartt rival and comes in more color options. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, this rugged jacket excels at protecting outdoor workers against wind and wet weather.

DRI Duck Horizon Jacket


The DRI Duck Horizon Jacket is an affordable alternative to Carhartt. Even though it costs less, the jacket’s quality is top notch with triple stitching to ensure durability and a heavyweight fabric with polyfill insulation for impressive warmth.

Shop for the Perfect Alternatives to Carhartt

The best alternatives to Carhartt offer similar quality and comfort at comparable or lower prices. The alternatives that made our list perfectly fit this description.

If you want to shop for these Carhartt alternatives or find more substitutes, look no further than Thread Logic. We have various apparel from leading brands and offer complimentary custom embroidery services so you can personalize your orders. Our hassle-free order process lets you place orders quickly, and we offer quantity discounts to help you save money on bulk orders.

Browse our store today to shop for Carhartt alternatives, or contact us to discuss your custom apparel needs.

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