4 Reasons Your Company Needs a Custom Embroidered Cap

Custom embroidered caps --baseball caps to be specific-- are our top item, after custom golf shirts. Custom embroidered caps offer a unique way for your team and network to proudly display your logo. 

What's so special about it? It's just a hat. 

Well, let's dive in. 

1. Caps Leave a Lot of Space for Your Embroidered Logo



While the front of a cap offers some great space to embroider your logo, other areas of the cap like the back or sides should not be left out of the conversation.  Those spaces provide the opportunity to get more bang for your marketing buck by putting additional messages or information there.

While there is generally not enough space to put a full-sized logo on the back or sides, they do provide some good space for other information, like a catchy tag line, your company’s URL, or your social handle. With your logo front and center, and a call to action on the back or side, your cap is a walking ad that your team will actually want to wear. 

2. People Already Love Branded Hats



There is a long history of people wearing hats to support the brands and organizations they love.  Some of our favorite hats showcase our favorite sports teams. You can catch people walking down the street in a cap from their local dive bar or craft brewery. What makes your brand any different? 

A cap gives your team the opportunity to show off their team and their organization. It’s a way for them to take pride in the work they do. And like their favorite sports team, they will be proud to spend a few minutes chatting about their organization with the next person to compliment them on their awesome cap. 

3. Custom Embroidered Hats Are a Great Way to Support Your Marketing Efforts



Because of their wide-wearability and conversation-starting style, custom embroidered hats are a great supplement to all your branding and marketing efforts.  They build on positive buzz and start conversations.  Better yet, it’s starting conversations with the best advocates for your business or organization: the people who are actually on the ground. Your team is your best-kept secret marketing tool. 

Not only that but with a great logo design, your hat could actually create buzz from people who don’t already know your brand too. This really grows your ROI, by not only supporting your other marketing strategies but generating some new leads as well, by generating organic interest. 

4. Caps Make Great Gifts or Giveaways



A custom embroidered cap makes a great holiday or welcome gift for your team members. Especially when paired with one of our custom embroidered hoodies. With a cap, you don’t have to worry about sizing, so everyone will have something that fits them. With so many styles, brands, and colors to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a cap that fits everyone’s tastes, and with our mix-and-match policy, you aren’t limited to one style. You can actually tailor your order to your team. 

The really great thing about caps too, is that if you have extras, they make awesome giveaways. Again, since they’re unisex and fairly standard sizes, you can give one of these hats to anybody and chances are it’ll fit. So they’re a great choice to have at your next trade show, fair booth, or silent auction. 

Shop Thread Logic for Custom Embroidered Apparel for Every Team 

If a cap isn’t quite the right fit for your organization, check out something a little more sophisticated, like our custom embroidered polo shirts, or something even more practical, like our logoed backpacks. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer service experts at any time. 

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