4 Reasons to Consider Custom Backpacks With an Embroidered Logo

Have you noticed the number of people carrying around backpacks these days?  It’s not just students or young people.  According to the Guardian, it’s business people and professionals who have once again discovered the advantages of a backpack.  Whether traveling for business or just carrying their stuff to the office or coffee shop each day, teams are adjusting to life on the go, and need a pack to hold their essentials.

Custom Embroidered Backpack -  Hive 15" Computer Backpack

Backpacks are a practical solution for any busy worker, student, or athlete, which makes them just the thing your company needs.  In this article, we will explore 4 reasons to consider custom backpacks with your embroidered logo. 

1. Custom Backpacks Are Useful and Versatile 

For backpacks, it all starts and ends with utility and versatility.  Thread Logic has a wide range of styles and colors available.  You can find just about any pocket configuration to hold those specific items you carry around on a regular basis. 


Custom Embroidered Backpack - Elevate Tranzip 15" Commuter Computer Backpack


A backpack can fit all your essentials. Need a change of clothes to hit the gym during your lunch break? Check! Gotta haul the laptop around an office with a million different collaborative “hubs”? Check! Like to bring your own lunch and water bottle? They can fit in there too! A backpack can carry everything your team needs on hand. 

2. Custom Embroidered Backpacks Are a Great Tool to Promote Your Brand

There are so many advantages to having a custom embroidered backpack with your logo!  Once you add that logo, our backpacks are a great tool to promote your brand.  If you put your logo center on your backpack’s front pocket, people won’t be able to miss it.  Whether being worn on the back, over the shoulder, or sitting on a seat next to you on the bus, the logo is very visible to everyone around you. 


Custom Embroidered Backpack - The North Face Connector Backpack


This is a great opportunity to expand your brand recognition! Depending on where your team carries their new bag, thousands of people could see your logo every year. And all of those impressions and exposure are good for your company and brand.

3. Custom Embroidered Backpacks Get Used Almost Everyday

Most backpacks get used almost every day.  At a minimum, a backpack gets used a few days a week.  It quickly becomes a staple in an employee, student, or athlete’s routine.  People move into backpacks the same way they move into purses, by keeping everyday essentials in the pockets like gum, cash, snacks, phone chargers, and spare pens. 


Custom Embroidered Backpack - Field & Co. Book 15" Computer Backpack


Compare this to a work uniform or custom logo embroidered polo shirt. We love uniforms, but a uniform will be worn while the team is at work, and maybe during the commute.  This is great for building a sense of professionalism, and team cohesiveness, but it doesn’t really build your brand outside the workplace.  In comparison, a custom embroidered backpack is used almost every day of the week. Unlike a shirt, a backpack only has to be washed when, well, it’s dropped in a puddle or something. It’s always on the job, always being seen and generating interest. 

4. Embroidered Backpacks Make Great Employee Gifts

Finally, custom backpacks make great, easy team gifts.  Between different colors, styles, and sizes, apparel holidays gifts can be tricky.  If someone gets a polo shirt that’s the wrong size, style, or color for them, in all likelihood, they won’t wear it.  Make it easier on yourself. 


Custom Embroidered Backpack - Field & Co. Hudson 15" Computer Backpack


With a backpack, those problems are eliminated.  It’s a one-size-fits-all, and it’s something most people are familiar with and already use.  Get your team an upgrade from the old school backpack they have lying around. With brands like NorthFace, Carhartt, Thule, and Under Armour, Thread Logic has a stylish backpack everyone on the team will love. 

Custom embroidered backpacks are useful and versatile for your team’s personal use, while also being great for your brand. A custom embroidered backpack is used almost every day, and generating interest all the time. These packs make fun employee gifts your team will love, and with Thread Logic’s easy logo upload and no-minimum ordering, the holidays have never been easier. 

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