It was his first day on the job, October 2000. At about 2:00 that afternoon, his boss summoned Jeff to her office to tell him the Board of Directors had just fired the CEO of the company.  As the new Corporate Communications Manager, it was now his job to communicate that news to the rest of the company, customers, and the press.  Nice first day.

A change in leadership meant there was going to be other changes.  About 4 months later Jeff was one of approximately 40 people that now found themselves out of a job due to a reorganization.

In early 2002, Thread Logic was born in the basement of their home.  Wenda, had a “real job” at the time, but it seemed like this business was a good fit for them. Jeff had a marketing background and knew a little something about the decorated apparel industry.  Wenda was one of those people who made her own prom dress in high school.  She knew about needle, bobbin and thread.

They developed Thread Logic's first ecommerce website in 2005.  It was about the same time Jeff convinced Wenda to leave the security of her “real job” and join him in the business full time.

Since then, the business has moved three times and now operate in thousands of square feet of space.  We ship hundreds of thousands of logo embroidered products to customers all across the country.Our customers are large corporations, non-profits, a small mom and pop businesses.

It is a classic American small business success story.  Creating something that did not exist before and dodging the fate of so many business startups that never make it past the first 5 years.

As a company we have survived a recession, a pandemic and the trials and tribulations of owning a small company.  And as a couple they raised two wonderful children and have been married for over 30 years. As they often say, "We have been truly blessed."

The year 2022 will mark our 20th anniversary of serving customers with quality logo embroidered apparel.  Our story is a classic American small business story.  Someone lost a job.  They had a better idea.  Started small in the basement. A husband-and-wife team. With hard work, luck and perseverance, a twentieth anniversary is now being celebrated. 

Our guiding principles: Do good work. Keep your promises. Treat others fairly.

You can contact Jeff at or 800-347-1612.

Honors and Awards

BBB Integrity Award Winner


The Better Business Bureau's Integrity Award recognizes and applauds the companies that shine brightest and set the standards by which other companies are measured.


Chosen by an independent panel of judges, Thread Logic received the award for exemplifying ethical behavior and displaying integrity in all aspects of the company's operations: toward customers, vendors, employees, and within the community.

 Business Builder of the Year 


Awarded by Upsize Magazine, Thread Logic was chosen to receive the award based on their innovative business model, unique internet marketing ideas, innovative pricing strategies and high level of customer service.





20 Creative Thinkers

An industry trade magazine, Stitches , recognized Thread Logic owner Jeff Taxdahl as one of the industry's 20 Creative Thinkers who are shaking up the decorated apparel market right now with their innovative ideas.





 Minnesotans on the Move Award

Thread Logic owner Jeff Taxdahl was selected by Finance and Commerce Magazine as one of “40 Minnesotans on the Move” for 2010. The annual award goes to business owners and professionals from across the state of Minnesota poised to make business news in the coming years.


Embroidered Logo Apparel is All We Do

One way we fulfill our mission is with a focus that few other companies offer today. Embroidered logo apparel is all we do. We don't sell magnets, pens or coffee mugs. That would be nothing but a distraction for us.

We focus on logo embroidered apparel because it is what we know and what we are really good at doing.

No embroidered item leaves our shop until it passes our stringent inspection process. Few embroidery companies have standards as high as ours.

We own and operate state-of-the-art embroidery machines and the best software to run it all. In doing so, we have total control of the quality of our products and the turnaround time of customer orders.

In addition, our production runs much smoother, faster and more efficiently, keeping our costs as low as possible.

Many of our competitors depend on other companies to do the embroidery work for them. They are just brokers who sell something they probably don't know much about or completely understand.

When you work with Thread Logic, you are working with logo embroidered apparel experts who work to understand your needs, the available products and how to make your logo look the best it can in embroidery. It really does make a difference.


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