Why choose eco friendly promotional products?

It’s no secret that the “going green” trend has been rising in popularity for years. The sad truth is that as our environment continues to deteriorate, it’s becoming a trend everyone needs to join with more urgency. As consumers become more socially and environmentally conscious, businesses must follow suit. Studies show that 70% of consumers in the U.S. and Canada believe it is important for a brand to be sustainable or eco-friendly. Implementing eco-friendly promotional products into your marketing strategy is a perfect first step towards making a difference, increasing your company’s brand awareness, and building positive brand associations with your customers. Keep reading to learn more about why you should use eco-friendly promotional products, and how the Thread Logic team can help get you started. 

Do promotional products work?

In the 21st century, promotional products are an incredibly effective marketing tool used to build brand awareness and create a physical relationship between the business and the customer. Whether it’s a t-shirt, baseball hat, or tote bag, promotional products ensure that the customer has a memorable experience and positive association with the company. 

In short, promotional products do work! A study conducted by Identity Works showed that 71% of tradeshow attendees remembered the name of the company that handed out a promotional product. 76% of those attendees had a favorable attitude towards that company. If it means increasing brand awareness and positive brand associations, why not give promotional products a shot?

What are Sustainable Promotional Products?

A promotional product is sustainable if it was made in an environmentally friendly and ethical manner. This means that the production of the item did not have any negative environmental, social, or economic impact. Sustainable promotional products are made with natural or recycled materials, and are great for positioning your brand as an environmentally conscious group. 

Our favorite eco-friendly promotional products

At Thread Logic, we value top of the line promotional wear that also has a positive impact. That’s why we offer a variety of high quality eco-friendly promotional products that you can customize with your company logo for a professional look. Check out some of our favorites: 

The North Face Thermoball ECO Shirt Jacket

The North Face ThermoBall ECO Shirt Jacket-S-TNF Black-Thread Logic

This North Face jacket is both lightweight, flexible, and durable, making it incredibly versatile for any situation. Made with post-consumer recycled content, this jacket is 100% eco-friendly, and is the perfect item to represent your company. Work with the Thread Logic team to embroider your company name or logo on the chest for the ultimate customized look! 

District Ladies Re-Fleece Full Zip Hoodie

District Ladies Re-Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie-Ladies Layering-Thread Logic

Are you in need of a cozy and warm fleece suitable for lounging at home or hikes with the family? You’ve come to the right place. The District Ladies Re-Fleece Full Zip is the perfect comfortable AND eco-friendly staple to have in your closet. This District hoodie is made with 55% recycled cotton, 39% post consumer recycled polyester, and 6% recycled rayon. Reduce your environmental footprint with this high quality eco-friendly material!

Econscious Eco Trucker Organic/Recycled Hat

econscious Eco Trucker Organic/Recycled Hat-Caps-Thread Logic

Made with 70% organic cotton and 30% recycled polyester, this econscious eco trucker hat is a classic, sturdy, and comfortable piece that will look excellent on both you and your employees. This hat is offered in a variety of colors to accommodate your needs. Embroider your logo on the front and you’ll have the perfect item to represent your company! 

Port Authority Jersey Knit Polo Shirt

Port Authority Jersey Knit Polo Shirt-Men's Polos-Thread Logic

If you need a piece that is both professional and comfortable to represent your company, the Port Authority Jersey Knit Polo is the best place to start. The durable knit fabric made with a cotton/polyester blend ensures breathability while guaranteeing that this shirt will endure all wear and tear. This eco-friendly addition is also made with 5% recycled plastic bottles. Made with versatility and comfort in mind, this shirt is a great choice for your company’s eco-friendly promotional product. 

Charles River Ladies Radius Quilted Vest

Charles River Ladies Radius Quilted Vest

The Charles River Ladies Radius Quilted Vest is a beautiful and timeless piece, perfect for any occasion. This vest is 100% eco-friendly, and is made from recycled PET bottles. With an outer shell that provides wind and water resistance, this vest is incredibly resilient. Layer the vest over other fleeces and sweaters, or under your favorite winter coat for an extra layer of warmth and comfort. The ultra lightweight and easily compressible material allows packing into the side pocket for travel. Embroider your company logo on the chest for a professional and customized look. 

These are only a few of our favorite eco-friendly promotional products offered at Thread Logic, we have too many to count! Like what you see? Head to our eco-friendly products page to read more on why you should choose sustainable products to represent your company. 

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