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If you have ever purchased any custom logo embroidered apparel, you have probably paid some kind of a logo fee or design set-up charge.  Although not always the case and not the case at Thread Logic, it is common to see with other vendors. This fee has been called any number of things like a digitizing fee or tape charge, but they all essentially mean the same thing.

Why Do Some Companies Charge a Logo Set-Up Design Fee? 

Embroidery is essentially done by a sewing machine with all of the elements one expects including a needle, bobbin and thread.  But unlike standard sewing machines, which essentially sew in straight lines, an embroidery machine can sew patterns. Therefore, someone or something has to tell the embroidery machine where and when to sew a stitch in order to create a pattern like a logo. 

Stuart Coffee Company Logo

The embroidery set-up or digitizing process represents a real cost for companies that do embroidery, because it requires a very expensive piece of software and a highly trained person to do it right.  That is why many embroidery companies charge a set-up fee. 

Good embroidery starts with good digitizing.  The best companies hire people who are highly skilled and experienced to get the best possible setup of logo embroidery.  

But if a logo changes in any way, the set-up process has to be done again to create the new file.

At Thread Logic, we do NOT Charge a Logo Set-Up Fee

Many companies charge a logo set-up fee, but at Thread Logic we know that once it's set up and approved by you, that we don't have to create it again, unless you require changes.  So, to make it easier for you,  we don't charge a logo set up fee and we even keep your logo on file for any future orders.  

We believe in pricing that's transparent and easy for our customers. 

So while digitizing is a complicated process and a necessary part of the custom embroidery process, it's also a fee you shouldn't need to incur. It pays to look around at these fees when shopping for your custom logo embroidery and to choose a company with experience in the process. 

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