Top 10 Embroidered Aprons for Your Team

Top 10 Custom Embroidered Aprons for Your Team

Custom embroidered aprons are an excellent investment if you are in the restaurant or hospitality industry. The right apron can make your staff look professional and elevate your brand image. You can embroider your brand name and logo on the apron or go a step further by personalizing each apron with the wearer’s name.

Even if you are not in the hospitality industry, a custom apron is still a lovely gift idea for team members. However, giving your team custom aprons will only deliver your desired results if the aprons are attractive and high-quality.

Do you need help finding the best custom-embroidered aprons for your team? Look no further because here are the top ten custom aprons you can choose to wow your team members.

Port Authority Medium-Length Apron

The Port Authority Medium-Length Apron is one of the best custom aprons for functionality. The apron’s three pouch pockets and pen pocket make it perfect for workers in the service industry, and its 65/35 poly/cotton fabric is easy to clean. The apron’s durability is impressive, and its one-size-fits-all design eliminates the hassle of figuring out different sizes for each team member.

Port Authority Full-Length Apron

The Port Authority Full-Length Apron is a versatile, unisex apron that protects servers from stains and cooks from the dangers of hot splashing liquids. Your team will look professional and smart in this apron throughout the day, thanks to its wrinkle-resistant 65/35 poly/cotton fabric. Your team will also appreciate the apron’s many functional pockets for carrying everything from pens to dining utensils.

Port Authority Full-Length Apron with Teflon Coating

The Port Authority Full-Length Apron with Teflon Coating is among the go-to options of professional cooks and servers looking for the best custom embroidered aprons. Its Teflon coating keeps the apron stain-resistant, allowing the wearer to wipe off stains easily and remain presentable while facing customers.

Beneath the Teflon coating is a 100% cotton twill fabric that won’t lose shape or color after multiple washes. The apron also features functional pockets and an adjustable neck strap for modifying the fit.

Port Authority Mid-Length Apron with Teflon Coating

The Port Authority Mid-Length Apron with Teflon Coating offers a smart fit and prevents stains from reaching the shirt beneath it. If a stain touches the apron, you can easily wipe it off, thanks to the apron’s Teflon coating.

You can get the apron in several exciting colors, including orange, red, blue, black, and cream. Pick a color that fits your brand and embroider your brand logo or name on the chest or the lower half of the apron.

Qtees Bib Apron

The Qtees Bib Apron is ideal if you want an apron that is fully adjustable and offers maximum protection. Straps around the neck and on the sides allow the wearer to tighten or loosen the apron as necessary to get the most secure or comfortable fit. The long apron provides full frontal protection, ensuring that accidental spills or sprays do not reach the clothes beneath it.

Qtees Waist Apron with Pockets

If you want an affordable apron for servers, you cannot go wrong with the Qtees Waist Apron with Pockets. The waist apron covers the hip area and has a front pouch pocket for carrying various work tools. You can get the apron in black, white, pink, blue, or cream and have your embroidery stitched on its front or side.

Port Authority Waist Apron with Pockets

The Port Authority Waist Apron with Pockets is a one-size-fits-all apron with extra-long waist ties for adjusting its fit. Its 100% cotton twill fabric is comfortable and features stain-release technology for easy cleaning. Three pouch pockets on the apron provide enough room to carry various essentials, and you can stitch embroidery into the waist area or over the lower hemline.

Port Authority Market Full-Length Bib Apron

The Port Authority Market Full-Length Bib Apron is a stylish apron that shields the front of your shirt and pants from stains. The smart-looking apron is ideal for modern establishments, and you can get it in black or grey. You can adjust the fit of the apron with the contrast webbing neck-straps and side straps and store several items in its large front pocket.

Qtees Full-Length Apron with Pouch Pocket

The Qtees Full-Length Apron with Pouch Pocket is a cotton/polyester apron suitable for use in bars, restaurants, and similar establishments. It looks smart, and you can enhance its aesthetics by embroidering your brand name or logo on any part of the apron you desire.

Liberty Bags Two Pocket Butcher Apron

Go for the Liberty Bags Two Pocket Butcher Apron if you run a fish or meat market. The thick polyester/cotton heavy twill apron provides impressive protection. Several color options are available, allowing you to pick one that matches your brand or preferred embroidery design.

Shop for the Best Custom Aprons

Now that you know the best custom embroidered aprons, which ones would you like to buy? Regardless of your selection, you can get it and have it embroidered at Thread Logic. We are the leading provider of perfectly embroidered apparel for establishments in different industries.

Check out samples of our work and place an order to get custom embroidered aprons that your team can wear with pride.

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