Although we specialize in embroidering logos, many times customers ask for more personalization, including a name to be embroidered onto a shirt, bag or other apparel.  And of course, that's something we do. 

Adding a name is a great way to identify someone who works for your company.  It provides a customer with piece of mind by giving them the name of a person they are dealing with.  Embroidering a name onto a shirt is sometimes a good replacement for a name tag.

Adding a name to a custom logo embroidered shirt is possible and something we do all the time for customers.


 Name on Embroidered Logo Image


Costs to Add an Embroidered Name

The cost to add a name to a logo embroidered shirt depends on the quantity of items in your order.  All of the prices on Thread Logic,  include the embroidery of the logo on an item.  To add some personalization, the cost starts at $7 per shirt, plus a $10 set-up fee.  If you order on our website, our customer service team will work with you to add the correct set up fees and names to your items. You can always call us at 1-800-347-1612 if you have questions before or after ordering. 

Name Placement on Embroidered Logo Apparel

We recommend putting names on the right side of a logo embroidered polo shirt or jacket.  The right side is the more traditional side for good reason.  It creates a separation from the logo, it is easy to read and it is the side of the shirt that becomes visible when shaking another person’s hand.

Suggested Fonts and Styles for Embroidered Names

We use two basic font styles for embroidered names; a simple block font and a simple script font.  The block font works well because it can be easily read from a distance.  In addition, a block font will not compete visually with an embroidered logo.

The script font works well when you want to add a little style to the embroidered name. A script font looks almost like a signature and adds visual interest to the personalization.

Either font you choose will look great, give you some personalization on your shirt and identify you and your employees to your customers.

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