How Much Does it Cost to Embroider My Logo?

How much does it cost to embroider a logo?

If you are wondering how much it costs to embroider a logo, you aren't alone.  The answer really depends on how the supplier you are working with sets their pricing model, which you'll find can be different depending on where you shop. 

Embroidering a logo can be a time consuming process because it is a custom product.  Every logo is different so the price can sometimes vary a great deal.

The Traditional Way to Price Logo Embroidery

Traditionally, embroidery shops set their pricing based on the number of stitches it takes to recreate a logo in embroidery.  It stands to reason, the more stitches, the more time it takes to embroider, therefore the cost is higher.

The disadvantage to this pricing method is on the consumer side.  A vast majority of customers have no idea how many stitches it takes to recreate their logo in embroidery.  Therefore they have to rely solely on the embroidery shop to tell them the number of stitches and how much logo embroidery costs.

In that scenario, it is very difficult for the customer to judge if they are getting a fair deal or paying too much.  You see, all of that information is in the hands of the supplier, not the customer.  In addition, it is entirely possible that two different shops estimate the number of stitches and give the customer completely different prices for the same logo.

That only creates more confusion for customers.

Flat Rate Logo Embroidery Pricing

The other method of pricing is easy for the customer to understand and allows them to compare prices more accurately.   It is a method called flat pricing.  With this method, the cost of the custom logo embroidery is build right into the cost of the shirt.   There is no accounting for the number of stitches it takes to embroider the logo.

The flat pricing model removes all doubt and question for the customer about how many stitches are in the embroidered logo.

In the flat pricing method, the embroidery supplier uses an average stitch count for a left chest logo and then builds that cost into the price of the shirt, which is pretty simple. 

The other advantage to this pricing method is that it helps buyers make a decision faster since there is no process needed to estimate the stitch count.  It takes all the guess work and “estimating” out of the equation.

At Thread Logic, we use the flat pricing method and our customers really appreciate it.

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Thread Logic

Thread Logic

Hi Jim, Thanks for the great question. Yes, logo embroidery is included with any order on our site Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly

Your site shows embroidery included but above speaks to pricing. Is embroidery included?

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