A Guide to Wearing Custom Polo Shirts for Men

Thanks to a relaxed standard for dress codes everywhere, polo shirts have become a staple in many male professional’s closet. It’s easy to see why — when you combine a relaxed, comfortable fabric with a style that still maintains a level of sophistication and professionalism, it’s easy to see why the look has become so popular.

Whether you’re looking to add polos to your everyday wardrobe or you just want to learn how to better wear the polos you have, you’re in luck, because we’ve put together a guide to wearing custom polo shirts for men. Check it out!

What are Polo Shirts?

Polo shirts are a popular shirt that utilizes a special type of collar within a typical, more casual shirt. They can come as pique polos, cotton polos, golf polos or rugby polos, and the relaxed yet stylish look makes them very popular, especially in the west.

When people are drawn to polo shirts, it’s usually due to the versatility of the clothing. You can get a stiffer and stylish polo, or you can get something casual and relaxed. They’re available at brand-name and custom clothing stores, and they’re also available at most department stores. It’s a look that can be worn many different ways, and we’ll show you how and when to wear each type of polo later in the guide.

Different Types of Polos 

As mentioned earlier, there are a few different types of polo styles that you can choose from. The different styles will give off a different look for your overall outfit, so you’ll want to choose the appropriate one for your setting!

Short-Sleeve Polos 


As the name implies, a short sleeve polo is any polo that resembles a t-shirt in terms of sleeve length. The sleeves rarely go past the elbows, and they’re often made with a light material that promotes comfort and breathability.

These polos are popular with workers who have to work in warmer conditions, such as in a kitchen or in the outdoors. It provides you with a comfortable look while still maintaining a look of professionalism.

Long-Sleeve Polos 

Custom Embroidered Polo - Port Authority Long Sleeve Core Classic Pique Polo

As you can imagine, a long-sleeve polo is a polo shirt where the sleeve length goes down to the wrists of the wearer. This is a slightly more sophisticated look, which makes it a popular staple for people who work in an office or in a corporate setting.

Performance Polos 

Callaway Core Performance Polo-Men's Polos-Thread Logic

Are you working in an environment that will require a lot of moving, such as working on a sales floor? If so, then you’ll likely want to opt for a performance polo. A performance polo looks the same as a short sleeve polo, but it’s made of a lighter material that will keep the wearer comfortable even if they are moving around often.

Pocket Polos

Cornerstone-Snag-Proof Tipped Pocket Polo-Thread Logic no-logo

As the name implies, a pocket polo is just a short sleeve polo that has a pocket on the front breast. These are usually reserved for more professional environment, but they make a great addition to any workforce that requires you to carry around pens or small materials.

How to Style a Polo Shirt for Men 

Now that you understand the different types of polo shirts, it’s time to figure out how you should style your polo shirt for each and every occasion.


Cornerstone-Select Snag-Proof Pocket Polo-Thread Logic no-logo

If you’re going to be wearing your polo in a formal setting, you’ll likely want to wear a polo with dress pants. Find a nice pair of khakis, dress pants or chinos and pair them with a polo that uses high-quality materials, such as a pocket polo. Tuck the polo into the pants (but not too tight!) and make sure that everything is wrinkle-free for a stylish, yet comfortable look!

Business Casual 

NIKE Golf Tech Sport Dri-Fit Polo-S-Team Red-Thread Logic

Polos make for a great business casual look – just take the polo and match it with the khakis or trousers of your choice. It’s recommended that you tuck the polo into your pants, but you can afford to wear it a little looser depending on the situation. Be sure to pick a nice belt that makes the outfit stand out!




Believe it or not, polos also make for a great casual look! Try wearing your polo with jeans or your polo with sweatpants and see all the different combinations you can pull off! If you have the right polo, you can even wear it untucked to really pull off a casual look. Just make sure that your colors coordinate well.

Customize a Men’s Polo to Personalize Your Look 

As you can see, men can use polos to up their look and add a classy touch to all sorts of different outfits. If you really want to go a step above the rest, one of the best ways to give your own personal flair to your look is to use a men’s custom polo from Thread Logic. This allows you to add your own design and look to your polo, which turns a typical top into a statement piece with a personal touch. Learn more about our men’s custom polos today!


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