Embroidered Checkpoint-Friendly Bags for Your Next Business Trip

Embroidered Checkpoint-Friendly Bags for Your Next Business Trip

Nobody enjoys going through security at the airport. It's always crowded, there's a sense of tension in the air and you have to deal with all the rules and regulations – namely, whether or not the luggage you have is "checkpoint friendly" or not.

Thankfully, we're here to make travel a little bit easier with our selection of custom checkpoint friendly bags.


What is a Checkpoint Friendly Bag?

First off, what is a checkpoint friendly bag? In the simplest terms, it's a bag that helps you to get through airport security much quicker than you could with something larger, like a suitcase.

These bags are built with travel in mind, as they're usually riddled with compartments for your technology and often have removable shoulder straps to make them easier to maneuver with.

If you're going through security checkpoints, you want to avoid things that might flag your bag as it goes through security. You want to avoid things being stacked on top of each other, an excess of zippers or anything else that might cause the security to put your bag through a tedious manual search.


Our Top 3 Checkpoint Friendly Bags

Thankfully, Thread Logic provides a variety of checkpoint friendly bags that will make travel much easier on you. Plus, when you adorn your bag with your logo, not only are you getting some free marketing for your team or organization, but you're also making it easier for the user to find the bag at the end of the security line where things can get chaotic.

Here are our top three checkpoint friendly bags that will look great with your custom logo embroidered onto it.


OGIO Bolt Pack

Getting from point A to B has never been easier than with the OGIO Bolt Pack. It's a bag made of rugged and durable poly material, making it designed to last you for countless trips. It's checkpoint friendly with the padded laptop compartment that will fit most 17" laptops. With this bag in your traveling setup, things will go seamlessly at the airport.


OGIO Roamer Pack

Take the stress out of the security line with the help of the OGIO Roamer Pack. It's made of a 100% poly material that is durable, yet comfortable when on your back. Keep your laptop or tablet safe with the compartment that fits most 16" laptops that also makes your bag checkpoint friendly, which should help you to reduce the headache of travel.


OGIO Pursuit Pack

If you're spending a lot of time on the go (for work or for pleasure), then you'll love what the OGIO Pursuit Pack can do for you. It's designed with a padded compartment for a tablet, e-reader or most laptops up to 17 inches. It's also a spacious bag, meaning that if you can pack smart, you can bring more with you on your travels.


Take Your Custom Embroidered Checkpoint Friendly Bag with You on Your Next Adventure

Once you've picked out your checkpoint friendly bag, all that's left to do is adorn it with an embroidered logo from Thread Logic! We don't have any minimum order requirements, meaning you can order just one for yourself, if you like. Browse our selection today!

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