Branded Travel Clothing Ideas - Kicking the Spring Off in Style

Branded Travel Clothing Ideas - Kicking the Spring Off in Style

Branded travel clothing is one of the best ways to make sure your team looks sharp and feels amazing when they are traveling far from the home office, whether the trip is for a single day or months at a time. Of course, you want your team's travel gear to be high-quality, comfortable, and to show off that company logo with pride. Kick off the spring in style with a few customized travel gear ideas that your employees will love.


Our Favorite Embroidered Travel Apparel

Embroidered Backpacks

A company-embroidered backpack is one of the most useful pieces you can give to an employee who travels. A backpack is not only practical and comfortable, but the right choice can also improve the experience of many future trips. A durable embroidered backpack with your company logo also casually shows the world that your company has taste and is considerate of the real needs of your on-the-go team members.

An embroidered backpack is useful in all travel settings - as a carry-on for plane trips, taking the train to work, and getting all necessary supplies to a remote job site.

Superb Branded Travel Backpacks

If your employees are traveling far and/or often, the right travel backpack can make a world of difference.

Embroidered Bag Design for Every Type of Business Trip

Of course, not every business trip is headed to the office. You might be sending team members into under-construction work sites, downtown to meet trendy new clients, or to set up an office in a remote location. Show you understand the needs of your business travelers with a unique choice in an embroidered bag perfectly suited to the task.

Embroidered Headwear

The right hat can ensure your employees look and feel great no matter what their springtime travel might hold. A well-timed gift of a company-branded hat not only shows the company in a good light as your employee travels, but also shows your thoughtfulness for the conditions your employee may be flying into. A cheerful cap can also encourage employees to have a little fun, wearing their hats on adventures as well as on business.

Stylish Caps for Sunny Travel

A cap, trawler, or baseball cap is a great choice for employees heading to a warm region or with a little vacation time coming up on the schedule.Your branded cap can shield them from glaring sunlight, help keep their head cool in the heat, and might even see a few sports games before coming home.

Keeping Warm in Chilly Spring Weather

Of course, not every springtime adventure is warm or sunny. Whether you are sending your employee to a notoriously air-conditioned workplace, into chilly airplanes, or into a region that is icy in the spring, an embroidered beany can be the perfect gift that will travel with your team members again and again.


Embroidered Outerwear

The right outerwear can make or break a travel experience. No one wants to find themselves shivering on a chilly plane, exposed to biting winds in a cold region, or overdressed for a warm spring. This means light and heavy layers with the embroidered company logo can keep your team looking sharp and properly insulated to the best on-site job. Great embroidered outerwear can also become a favorite for future adventures both on and off the clock.

Layering in Style with Embroidered Crewnecks

Light and heavy crewnecks provide layering versatility while keeping a practical business-casual look that appears almost exactly the same. Equip your traveling employees with both, and they'll be able to stay in uniform no matter what temperature the wind chill or AC setting.

A Stylish Fleece for Cold Business Casual Occasions

A well-cut and custom-embroidered fleece looks great in any occasion, and is particularly favored in business casual settings where style matters. From conferences to client meetings, your traveling employees can stay comfortably warm while looking sharp no matter the temperature of the office or climate of their business trip destination.

Comfortable Hoodies in Company Chic

Then there is the tried and true hoodie. Gifting your traveling employees with high-quality embroidered hoodie is the perfect way to say you want them to be comfortable - and to have pockets - wherever they go.


Embroidered Blankets

If you are an experienced traveler, then you know that the right travel blanket can transform a long journey and serve a number of unforeseen purposes on the go. Gifting a great travel blanket shows insight and consideration that your employees may not even realize until they are tying their travel blanket into its third, fourth, or fifth useful arrangement on a single trip. From lap blankets in a cold office to picnic blankets at the park to makeshift bags when one is needed, there's no limit to the uses of a great travel blanket. 

Go-Anywhere Travel Blankets

Gift Your Traveling Employees the Perfect Branded Apparel for Spring Trips

When your employees are taking to the road and the skies, a gift of embroidered travel apparel is more than just swag. You are sharing useful gear with thoughtful consideration for the conditions and needs your employee may experience on their journey. The right branded travel apparel can also encourage your team to embrace more than just business travel, with gear that is perfect for hiking trips and sports games as well as cold offices and job site treks.

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