Best Custom Embroidered Rain Jacket Options

Best Custom Embroidered Rain Jacket Options

Can You Embroider a Rain Jacket?

Yes, you can! Why should comfort and style be abandoned just because of Mother Nature? While you may be hesitant to embroider a jacket that is meant to be in the rain, put your worries to the side — our embroidery process leaves a high-quality stitch that is built to last regardless of the conditions.

If you live somewhere that is frequented by rainy days, you don't want to have to keep your logo covered up during those times. A quality embroidered rain jacket is the perfect solution for anyone who doesn't want to let April showers block out their logo and messaging.

What to Look for in a Rain Jacket?

First and foremost, you'll need a high-quality waterproof fabric. The jackets that we work with at Thread Logic all check this box, as it's important that the jacket holds up its end of the bargain and keeps the wearer dry and warm.

Secondly, you need it to not have any gaps in it where the rain and water can sneak in. Sealed seams are a crucial step to a quality rain jacket, which is why it's important that you determine that no inch is left unturned when choosing your jacket.

Finally, you want something that's breathable (the water won't collapse the jacket in on you) and long enough to keep as much of your body warm and dry as possible. These are the qualities we looked for when selecting our favorite rain jackets, and we think you'll be happy with any of the products we selected!

Our Favorite Custom Embroidered Rain Jackets

Eddie Bauer Rain Jacket

Eddie Bauer is a name that needs no introduction to those who brave the elements and spend time outside in the rain or the shine. This jacket is fully seam-sealed and made of breathable 5K/5K fabric, which helps it to boast a 5000MM fabric water protection rating and 5000G/M2 fabric breathability rating. Throw in a detachable hood and locking drawcord, and you have a customizable jacket that your team can wear no matter what Mother Nature throws at them.


Edwards Hooded Rain Jacket

The Edwards Hooded Rain Jacket is as simple and straightforward as it gets –in the best way possible. It's made of 100% Ripstop Nylon and its machine washable, making it a perfect go-to for any employee who spots rain clouds in their morning check of the forecast.


Columbia Glennaker Lake Rain Jacket

The elements stand no chance when matched up against the Columbia Glennaker Lake Rain Jacket. This jacket features hydroplus nylon, which is a reliable waterproof fabric that will keep the wearer happy and warm during those rainy days.

Storm Creek Voyager Waterproof Breathable Packable Rain Jacket

If your team is looking for an all-in-one solution for a rainy day, look no further than the Storm Creek Voyager Waterproof Breathable Packable Rain Jacket. This fully seam-sealed jacket is made of 100% nylon, which earned it an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified Waterproof rating. Pack it away in its own pocket when the sun comes out – it's as lightweight as it is durable

Storm Creek Explorer Ultimate Stretch Waterproof Breathable Rain Jacket

The Storm Creek Explorer Ultimate Stretch Waterproof Breathable Rain Jacket may have a more professional look than some other rain jacket, but make no mistake – it gets the job done. It's made of recycled polyester and is as breathable as it is waterproof.

Mercer+Mettle Waterproof Rain Shell

Just because you want to stay dry and warm doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style in order to do it. With the Mercer+Mettle Waterproof Rain Shell Jacket, you can get through those rainy days while still looking great and feeling as comfortable as ever.

Cutter & Buck Rainier Jacket

If you live in an environment where the rain is only rivaled by the cold, you may want to go in on the Cutter & Buck Rainier Jacket. This rain jacket is insulated, which will keep your team warm and comfortable no matter what the forecast is. The water and wind resistance will keep them happy on their commute or day on the job site, and once you're done with it, just pack it into the front left pocket – it's that easy!

Keep Your Team Dry with a Custom Embroidered Rain Jacket

Nothing ruins morale like a rainy day. Thankfully, a rained-on parade will be the least of your worries when you don your team in an embroidered rain jacket from Thread Logic! Shop our selection today and get the ball rolling on having a happier, warmer and dryer team!

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