Are Structured or Unstructured Hats Better for Logo Embroidery?

 When it comes to logo embroidery, our customers often ask, what is the difference between an unstructured and structured hat? Well it’s really simple when it comes down to it. 

Structured Caps for Custom Logo Embroidery

Structured caps  are reinforced behind the front two panels with a buckram or stiff fabric, giving it more structure. Therefore, structured hats won’t lose their shape when you take them off your head.  They tend to be a more sporty look and are typically worn by baseball players.    The benefit is a very crisp, professional look, great for teams or uniforms.  

The Port Authority Solid Enhanced Visibility Cap below is a very standard classic structured cap because it's solid all the way around. 


Port Authority Solid Enhanced Visibility Cap

The structured Port Authority Two-Stripe Snapback Trucker Cap below is a great example of a structured cap that is also a trucker cap with a mesh back. The front of it includes your logo on the two stiffer pieces of fabric that give it it's shape.  But the mesh back gives it a trendy, unique look, especially with the stripe. 

Port Authority Two-Stripe Snapback Trucker Cap

Unstructured Caps for Custom Logo Embroidery

Unstructured hats are typically more casual and trendier.  They do not have the stiff fabric that a structured hat offers. This means they are softer and more comfortable to wear.   They lose their shape when you take off your head more than a structured hat, but typically that's the look you are going for with this style.  They look great with your company embroidered logo.  What’s nice, is you can easily fold them up and put them in a bag, suitcase or a larger pocket.

This Richardson Washed Chino Cap has a slightly distressed look and is a great example of an unstructured cap. It comes in 18 colors and looks great with your logo. 

Richardson Washed Chino Cap

Which Style Hat is Best for Logo Embroidery- Structured or Unstructured? 

As you can see the logo embroidered cap you chose has a lot to do with the kind of look you are trying to achieve and comfort you’d like.  Some customers feel like the logo looks better on a structured hat because of the form and some really like the comfort and softness of an unstructured hat. 

We also recommend thinking about who will be wearing the cap.  Are they more likely and/or comfortable wearing a certain style?  Very few women wear constructed caps outside of an athletic team so you may take that into consideration as well.

Either way, embroidered caps are very functional and a great way to promote your company or organization with beautiful logo embroidery.


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